Fitness Scenes From The Week

This past week, my husband and I started the new p90x3 fitness program.  I am training to run another full marathon, LA Marathon in March.  However, this past week I have opted to keep it relatively low key to rest and heal from this chest cold I have.  I may have rested but I wasn’t still.  I did a lot of movement and working out still.  Here are a few snap shots of my fitness from this week:

Monday, I did a set of two workouts.  In the morning I headed to the gym for an easy 10 minutes on the treadmill.  Followed by a 5×5 of heavy back squats.

Later that night, after the boys went to bed, my husband and I pressed play for our first p90x3 workout, Total Synergistics.  It was a lot of fun working out together.

p90x3, total synergistics

We did our before/after photos and measurements and are excited to see our transformation at the end of our 90 days following this program.

Tuesday, mid-morning I headed to the gym for a nice and easy 5.5 mile treadmill run.  This was an easy run and nothing too crazy.  Mostly to test to see where my lungs and chest cold were.  I still felt tired and sluggish.  I was glad to do something though.

After my run, I headed outside for 100 walking lunges.  Feel the burn!  I know these lunges will help me on the downhill course of the LA Marathon!

Again, after the boys went to bed, my husband and I busted out our day 2 for p90x3.  Agility X.  It was like old school plyometrics.  It was a lot of fun.  But crazy hard at the same time.  We were a sweaty mess.

p90x3, agilityx

Wednesday, I went to the gym and attempted speed work.  I was supposed to run mile repeats.  However, I just managed to walk 2 miles on the treadmill and headed outside by the pool to relax and enjoy the quiet.  I decided to listen to my body and rest.  It was good.

Later that afternoon, I felt I needed a bit more calm and stretch.  So the youngest and I did x3 yoga together.  It felt soo good to stretch it out. 

p90x3, x3 yoga

Thursday, I rested in the morning and worked out with the husband in the evening.  We did day 4 of the p90x3 THE CHALLENGE workout.  This was pretty much push-ups and pull-ups for 30 minutes.  It was crazy intense and yet fun at the same time.  I can NOT do a single unassisted pull up to save my life… so I am still working on it.

p90x3, the challengepull ups

Friday is handstand Friday.  Of course, I had to do my obligatory handstand Friday picture (posted on facebook, instagram and twitter).  Later that night my husband and I busted out CVX (another p90x3 program) WITH our kiddos.  It was a fun cardio with weights workout.  The only hiccup was juggling not only our balance but also our children who were underfoot and very much in the way.

handstandfriday, handstandp90x3, cvx

Saturday I headed out for a solo run.  I had 14 miles on the training plan.  I wasn’t sure how it would go because I was still coughing and my energy levels were low.  But I decided to head out and at least run 12 miles easy.  When I was out there I felt great.  I ran the first 10 miles at a comfortable pace (and even had to force myself to slow down).  The last 4 miles were ran at my goal marathon race pace and I did my best to do a negative split with increasing speed as I finished.

Mile 1 – 9:45
Mile 2 –9:52
Mile 3 – 10:03
Mile 4 – 10:23
Mile 5 – 10:12
Mile 6 – 10:26
Mile 7 – 10:36
Mile 8 – 10:45
Mile 9 – 10:33
Mile 10 – 10:36
Mile 11 – 10:10
Mile 12 – 10:09
Mile 13 – 10:02
Mile 14 – 9:30

**Edited to add our afternoon/post run workout.  My husband (and the boys) and I busted out our day day 6 p90x3 workout.  We did THE WARRIOR workout.  I found this workout a great post-run workout.  Challenging yet a great way to release any lactic acid build up too. 

p90x3, the warrior

There you have it, my fitness scenes from this past week.  I hope you had an active and productive week too!  Now, I need to menu plan and get our NUTRITION in order too!  Yikes, that is my biggest struggle… food!

What was your favorite fitness activity you did this week?


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      Thanks. I am loving it too. It is a new thing, as we usually do our own thing. (He usually only works out once a week… so this is a big leap for him) 😉

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    Glad you had such a great 14 miler! My favorite fitness activity this week was a 10 mile progressive run that I did that I thoroughly enjoyed, despite it being on the treadmill.

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    You guys are such a fun fitness family!

    My weekly dance class focused on belly dancing basics and isolations this week, surprisingly it was my thighs that ended up sore, but it was a good burn.

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