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I love when friends introduce me to new products and information that they love.  Just like last week, I am wanting to share with you some things that I am loving lately.  Here are some of my favorite items under the topic: faith, family, fitness, food and fun!

enjoy the little things

I am choosing to focus on the positive.  Choosing to enjoy the little things in life… for one day I will look back and realize they were the big things.  Here are some of my little things that may one day be a big thing.



what happens when women say yes to god, lysa terkeurst bible studyLast week I had the privilege to finish one of Lysa Terkeurst’s studies, What Happens When Women say Yes to God.  I have done a handful of Lysa’s Bible studies over the years, and I was not disappointed with this study.

I love how Lysa simply shares with you her love of Jesus in every day conversation.  Almost like you are meeting with her over coffee.  She challenges you to be open to God’s calling to say Yes to Him when He calls.

This was very challenging for me and my table-mates.  Trying to recall when God has asked us to be obedient to him, and whether or not we said yes or no.  It was a good study to challenge me.



keep em busy bags, i spy bagsWhile it is no secret, my boys have been super active and full of energy lately.  I am thankful for the advice and tips I have received from many of you… offering me advice on ways to get the boys to enjoy some quiet (down/rest) time each day.  Sometimes our brains just need a little rest and distraction.  This is where these fun Keep Em Busy bags come in handy.  My friend, Jessica, who owns an Etsy shop heard my cry for help and sent over 4 mini i-spy bags to keep the boys busy.

These i-spy  bags have been very helpful for those moments when Mommy needs a time out.  I simply send them to sit in their room with a bag and they are mesmerized trying to find the different objects hidden in the bag.  Yay! Winning!



30 day ab challenge I am joining a few local girlfriends on a fun 30 day fitness challenge.  We are finishing up a squat away challenge and another group of girlfriends are doing this Ab Challenge I featured today.

This something that is free to whoever wants to try it.  There is no additional equipment needed.  You only use your own body weight.

I have been doing this in the comfort of my own living room while the boys run amok around me.  Sometimes they even join in doing squats and working their core.

I am hoping my abs will look like the girl in the photo.  However, I am not going to hold my breath.



natureboxLast week I was sent a Nature Box to review and share with you!  Nature Box is a subscription service that offers the ability to discover and enjoy healthy snacks on a monthly basis.  The products they ship in the box each month have no added JUNK!

Your first box is a surprise… but the next time  you order your box you are able to choose the snacks you receive!

NatureBox comes in 3 different sizes with 3 different price points.  This makes a perfect gift for your friends or family!  It also makes it easier on Mom to pack healthy snacks for on the go!

The boys and I have really enjoyed trying our six flavors/bags of snacks that were in our box.  I loved that they not only tasted super yummy… but they didn’t have the added junk in it that tend to cause my children’s heads to spin.  If you are interested in trying NatureBox, visit the NatureBox site for $10 off any sized box (Deluxe, Family, Professional Snacker) by entering the promo code SUMMERSNACK10.


purina dog chow, light & healthy

Our dog, Daisy turned 9 years old this week.  To celebrate her birthday, Purina Dog Chow sent us an amazing care package to try out their Light & Healthy product before it launches and hits store shelves in June.

They sent us a flip camera (to showcase Daisy in all her birthday glory), a custom journal with family fitness tips (because a healthy family is a happy family), a leash, dog bowl, doggie water bottle, doggie pedometer and a bandana. We also were sent a 32 pound bag of their latest Purina Dog Chose Light & Healthy dog food for Daisy to eat and review … to help keep her girlish figure.  Loads of goodies for her and the family.

Daisy is our little princess.  She is the only girl in the house, besides Mommy.  She is young at heart, but showing her age.  Slowing down, showing grey hair around her muzzle and paws.  She is still our little princess and even though she doesn’t look thrilled in the photo, I know she loved the extra attention and pampering.

These are just a few things that I love.  I was not compensated to share my interests with you.  All opinions are my own.  I was sent a few of the products mentioned above for sole purpose to use, enjoy, review and share with you.

Just a friendly reminder you can visit NatureBox for $10 off any sized box (Deluxe, Family, Professional Snacker) by entering the promo code SUMMERSNACK10.

The promotional code expires August 31st, 2013 and is valid for new customers only and may only be used towards monthly subscriptions. Cannot be used towards a purchase of a gift subscription. Monthly subscriptions may be cancelled at anytime.


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    I’m still new to your blog, but just by reading this post it’s obvious that you are a beautiful, strong & empowering women! Looking forward to reading more :)

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    Fun post! I should do something similar. How cool about the Purina care package! Lots of neat goodies. I’ve been seeing ads on FB for the Nature Box thing and wondering about it…how many servings come in a box? Probably cost-prohibitive for my crew, but a neat idea!


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