Tackling the Training Plan

With only four more weeks till my next half marathon, I am doing my best to follow the training plan.  Although there are many days when fitting in fitness is hard.  Homeschooling, family activities, and life all take precedence over me hitting the pavement.  Sometimes I have to battle the I don’t wannas

i love running... when i am done

I love running.  But if I am to be perfectly honest, I love it more when I am done running.  I often find it very hard to lace up my shoes and head out the door for a run.  But once I am out there running… I am reminded how much I love this sport.

I am reminded how much I need to focus on proper nutrition to fuel my body to perform how I want it to.  I was challenged by my long run this weekend, and I totally failed myself on fueling my body.  I struggled.  I was hydrated, but I had no fuel to get me started and sustained throughout my run.  My lesson was learned.  I have learned that I need to fuel BEFORE and DURING my workout… and what works (and doesn’t) for me.  I am hoping that I can figure out the trick that works for next week’s long run.

struggled with my 10 mile run

Last week’s training:

Monday: 3 miles on elliptical + 1 mile treadmill
Tuesday: active rest (plank+pushup)
Wednesday: GST/Pilates Class
Thursday: active rest (plank + pushups)
Friday: 4 mile HILL workout + 6 mile bike
Saturday: 10 easy miles
Sunday: active rest – family FUN day!


This week’s plan, again, is modified.  I was going to attempt a 14 mile training run… but decided against it and just bump it up to a 12 mile run.  I didn’t’ want to push myself too hard this week and risk injury or getting sick.  This week’s smaller runs I am going to focus on SPEED and FORM.  Then on my longer 12 mile run this weekend I am just going to cruise (and focus on form and nutrition). 

This week’s training

Monday: 3 easy miles + 10 strides
Tuesday: 6 easy miles
Wednesday: active rest – cross training
Thursday: 3 easy miles
Friday: active rest – cross training
Saturday: 12 easy miles

Just like every week… life happens and things pop up.  The scheduled training plan is in pencil.  Life happens.  However, knowing that it is on the schedule and is planned helps me stick to it.  I may not be the fastest in the pack… or hit my goal of running a 2 hour half… but I am on my way!

I do want to share with you a non scale victory of mine!  My handstand challenge for this year is paying off.  I am getting stronger!  I am able to hold my unassisted handstand longer and tighter.  My core and upper body are feeling stronger!  I am still working on my goal on doing a handstand pushup!  I am finding my daily pushup challenge (50 pushups a day) is helping me build my upper body and core strength.

I would LOVE to hear one of YOUR non-scale victories from this week! 


  1. Rebekah Patin says

    I have a question. On Monday for this weeks training program it is 3 miles + 10 strides. What is the 10 strides? I have never followed a formal training program. I have a goal of running my first half marathon in the next year. So I am looking and comparing different approaches to training. I run about 3 times a week. Anyway, I am interested in the strides :)

    • says

      Strides (for me) are what I do after a run. I stride out (long strides to my running form and run quickly) for aprox. 100 meters. :)

      OR I do sprints 10 times for about 100 meters. :)

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