Imperfect Progress #UnGlued

As much as I would like to pretend that I am perfect.  I am not perfect.  I know.  Shocking!  I mean, how can this blogging mom to three little boys who pretends to have it all together… not!?  Let me tell ya, it is called the miracle of the internet.  I am imperfect.  I am perfectly flawed.

I struggle with my emotions and become unglued often.  I lose it.  Over stupid stuff.  Yup.  I am not proud.  But I wanted to share with you my honest struggle.  I am a work in progress… and I am trying to manage my emotions by finding more peace and calm in my relationships.

Bad moments don't make bad mamas #unglued

I love the quote in the image above.  Bad moments don’t make bad mamas.  This is something I need to remember each and every moment of every day.  Often times before my morning coffee has even touched my lips I need this reminder!  I am learning to have no more Unglued mama mornings.

One of my favorite Christian authors is Lysa Terkeurst.  Her personality and writing style really speak to me at where I am in my life.  I have enjoyed many of her studies: More Than Just a Good Bible Study Girl, Made to Crave and most recently Unglued.

Lysa has written a companion devotional to go with the teachings of her book Unglued.  She encourages her readers 60 days of imperfect progress… to find more peace and calm in your relationships.

You will live in the grace of making imperfect progress even on those days when your emotions throw you for a loop.  Especially on those days when your plans go askew and nothing seems to go as planned.  Instead of peacefully feeding the geese and ducks breadcrumbs… your children find pleasure in chasing the geese around the muddy lake and throwing stale bread at themLearning to find grace in the moment and control the mama emotions… and instead choose to laugh and make memories of the moment.


You will be a more positive role model to your family and coworkers as you shift from overreacting to speaking life-giving words.  Learning the power of the tongue and how to control those life giving words… even if you are seething with not so nice words.  Transforming a mistake from both parties into a learning lesson with life-giving words… as your almost 5 year old son breaks the only rule of no candy in the new van.  He explodes a dip stick candy on day 4.  Life-giving words. Life-giving words. Life-giving words.

car clean up

You will know with confidence how to resolve conflict in your closest relationships. Even the mom of super heroes and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles needs to know how to safely and peaceably resolve conflict in relationships.  As a mom… this is my job all the time.

super ninja turtle

If you are looking for an encouraging book to help you learn how to handle emotional struggles, learning to positively process raw emotions, such as fear, anger and regret…  I encourage you to check out Lysa Terkeurst’s Unglued book and companion devotional.

Disclosure: I received the Unglued Devotional for sole purpose to review. No compensation was received.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. Tammy says

    The morning unglued moments are my struggle too! I’ve tried various things to make the mornings go smoother…but sometimes they just don’t go as planned…and I’m yelling as we fly out the door to school. I saw recently on pinterest about the orange rhinoceros challenge or something like that, and it had some good points and good things to help control the unglued moments. I talked to my boys this morning about it one of the points and seemed to work. (today anyway) HUGS!!! I think we all do it and we’ve all been there!!!

  2. stephanie perlberg says

    For me, and I am sure for most Mom’s, some days are smooth sailing filled with smiles and laughter and other days feel like they start off bad and never get better – and it makes it hard to always have the right words and the right actions. There are days I beat myself up and figure my children will remember as adults Mommy yelling at them to get in the car “Now! Or we will be LATE!” …. All we can do is try our best, try to correct our mistakes and move forward and try not to drown in Mommy Guilt.

  3. kellyp says

    I had a most unglued day yesterday. So pleased and reassured to find your blog and Gods message in it. I have found wonderful encouragement reading blogs such as yours. As a mother of two teen boys who recently found running as an outlet your words are much appreciated.

  4. says

    I think most of us are so hard on ourselves to begin with. I’ve come to the realization that I’m not a bad momma at all. I love my kids, they have food, shelter, my unconditional love (yes, I said it again) most of my attention and all of my heart.


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