Learning The Art of Balance

My word focus for 2013 is balance.  Learning the art of balance is an ongoing project for me.  My personality is a take charge, leader.  I have a tendency to be type A with OCD quirks.  I struggle with control… and giving up control.  Learning the art of balance… learning when to take control and when to share the reigns is something that I am going to be working on this year.


The past few days have really taught me a lot about letting others take charge.  On Thursday, I had three wisdom teeth extracted.  I was sedated, and left to the care of my husband.  He did (and is doing) a fantastic job balancing being my nurse, the boys play mate, and overall the go to in charge dude.

This was a hard pill for me to swallow… because I am usually the one taking care of everyone.  I rarely get the break and rest.  It is hard for me to let someone else take control… and for me to rest.  But I am learning the art of balance… learning to rest when needed… learning to let someone else take control when I need to take a step back.

Another thing I have learned about myself the past few days is my lack of self-control with food.  I am unable to eat real food for a few days.  I am on a liquid/soft food diet until further notice.  There have been many times when I am preparing the family’s meals… or cleaning up… or just sitting and drinking my shake while they eat their yummy meal next to me… that I almost mindlessly reach over and attempt to eat their food.  Knowing full well that I can not eat their food.

I was not hungry for their food.  I didn’t even really want their food.  It was just there… and I was just going to mindlessly eat it.  I obviously had to stop because I couldn’t chew it… let alone actually eat it.  But it taught me that I need to balance my hunger cravings and learn when I am really hungry… or when I am just bored and see food… and try to eat it.  No more BLT’s for me (bite. lick. taste).

This fitness junkie is taking a break… a rest… the next few days to rest up and heal.  I am going to focus on learning balance on the other areas in my life: faith, family, and food (nutrition).  Learning that it is okay if I can’t do it all.  Learning to trust and lean on others for help.  Learning about proper nutrition and what will fuel and heal my body.  Learning to spend quality time with my family, while balancing other responsibilities.

How do you find balance when you need rest?

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  1. says

    I really hope your mouth is healing up well! It can take a while so be patient and diligent in your aftr-care.

    Yes, the food thing. I have a tendency to do that too… just eat cause it’s there. So, I try to avoid temptations but it takes some real diligence when it IS in your face. Keep your goals in mind, keep looking toward the prize!

    Balance is a good mindset to aspire to that is for sure – I’m afraid I tend to be an all or nothing sort, and I am always trying to moderate!
    Elle recently posted..My Paleo Diary – #Whole 30 Days 20 – 26

  2. Marina says

    I’ve learnt that I need a specific no of hours of sleep in a day to get through happily and NEED to start the day with prayer and reading the Bible. If not everything goes out of whack!


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