A Lesson Learned: Food Matters

The past few days have taught me so much about my eating habits.  The good.  The bad.  The ugly.  Getting my wisdom teeth out last week has given me pause to think about many things in my life.  The way I view food, trying to balance my every day expectations, my lack of self-control with food, and learning to rest.

Because I am still on a soft/liquid food diet, I have a whole new view of food.  Food Matters!  I am more aware of what I purchase at the grocery store and what I put in my mouth.  I want to make sure what I do eat is whole, nutritious, and healthy.  I don’t want to eat nutrient dense (liquids) that ultimately leave me hangry an hour later.

I have always been able to tackle my fitness routine with out much effort.  I love working out.  However, workouts are super easy compared to nutrition.  The real challenges are faced in the kitchen.  The biggest challenge is picking out healthy food at the grocery store, preparing said healthy food at home, and eating food that is going to fuel your body properly!  Food matters.

food matters

This weekend I went grocery shopping for my family.  I found it humorous and challenging, meal planning and shopping for food that I could not eat.  My cart was full of healthy food, but most of it I could not eat (chew).

I decided to suck it up and I purchased loads of fresh produce.  I have been enjoying using my juicer to reap the benefits of the nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables.  Even though I cannot chew-eat them… I can still get the nutrients from their juice.

This healing process is teaching me self-control.  Self-control in the products that I purchase at the grocery store.  Self-control in the food that I put in my mouth.

“Like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self-control.” Proverbs 25:28

I am learning to listen to my hunger cues.  Am I actually hungry or thirsty or just bored?  What is my body actually craving?  Learning that food matters in order for me to have a healthy body… a body that I desire… requires learning self-control.

If I were to share with you my menu plan from last week and this week, you would be terribly bored.  Honestly, I am bored of my foods.  But I know that I am getting the nutrients and calories needed to go about my day.  I have been drinking a lot of protein shakes, fruit/vegetable juices, and soups.  My latest splurge was a baked potato… but even that was hard to mash at times.

My fitness focus has taken a back burner; as I focus on rest and healing.  I am active during the day – as one is caring for 3 small children.  However, my marathon training plan is on a pretty serious rest week.

Last week my fitness plan looked like this:

Sunday: family fun day
Monday: 3 mile easy run & 30 minute NTC strength workout
Tuesday: 2 mile bike ride & pilates class
Wednesday: 10 mile bike ride & 30 minute NTC strength workout
Thursday – current: rest/recover/heal from wisdom teeth extraction surgery

This week my fitness plan looks like this: rest and recover and heal.  I plan to move and be active (walking and perhaps even biking) when my body feels strong and able to do the activity.  I have my post-op appointment on Wednesday and I am hoping to get the green light to resume fitness activities then. 

Until then, I am focusing on proper nutrition (because food matters) and getting my step count in each day from using my fitbit one.

Workouts are easy… the real challenge is faced in the kitchen.  My big focus this week is not at the gym but focusing on the kitchen.  Learning self-control and balancing nutrition and hunger cues.

Do you struggle with challenges faced in the kitchen?
How do you overcome that challenge?
What are your tips for learning self-control and mindful eating?

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  1. says

    YES! For me it is always the food that I have the hardest on. And while I try to eat clean most of the time, I find that I eat A LOT! Hack! Self control is a characteristic of the fruit of the Spirit so thank you for sharing that verse in proverbs. I believe it is something a lot of us tend to skim over. Self control is important.
    Tiffany recently posted..Feeling Snacky? Recipe for Roasted ChickPeas.

  2. Stephanie perlberg says

    Well said!! For me the hardest thing is being prepared for absence from the house and running around! I have to be careful to have healthy snacks packed so I don’t go without and then make bad/quick/easy/not always healthy choices as soon as I get home because I am starving!!

  3. says

    I think I’m finally getting a handle on the healthy snacks and discerning when I’m hungry and when I’ve eaten enough. Now I’m focusing on eating more whole foods on a regular basis and still keep meals interesting and enjoyable for the whole family.
    Leslie recently posted..Monday’s Mantra


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