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If you are familiar with my love affair with food, it is no secret that I struggle with the art of balancing healthy food choices and portion control.  I love food.  I love good food.  I have the knowledge and know how on what is healthy for me, what foods I should avoid, and more.  Yet, I struggle with the meal planning, meal prep, and portion control part of the diet.

To kick start the new year, I partnered with FitFluential and Diet-To-Go.  Diet-to-Go is a diet delivery service that provides fresh, portion controlled, tasty meals!  I was given 9 meals to eat, share and review.  I was excited at the opportunity to try something new to help me with meal prep and portion control with my meals.

I love to eat.  Have I mentioned that before? I even do okay with the meal planning.  However, the meal prep is where I lack.  Something about having three little ones under my feet makes it hard to prepare health meal options while on the go.

Healthy living!!

So often, when the boys and I are out of the house, I grab a quick processed pre-packaged snack for the boys.  I either forget about myself, or I grab something unhealthy and quick.  Either way, I always forget about taking care of my needs. 

OR even a quick (somewhat quiet) day at home with the boys… I find that I often am standing up preparing and serving my children lunch and snacks.  By the time I get the opportunity to prepare my own healthy lunch, I don’t want to sit and prep, cut, and bake a meal.

I love my body. Not just my image. I know that I crave and desire to eat healthy, whole foods. I want to add variety to my meals.  I want to use and consume fresh fruits and veggies.  Yet somehow, somewhere, being a mom to three active little boys… I have let that desire slide.  I desire to love my body (inside and out) once again!

I want something easy. I want something healthy. I want something tasty. I want and needed Diet-To-Go.

Diet to Go - Healthy Eating Made Easy

Shortly before January 1st, I received a large box full of nine pre-packaged, pre-portion controlled, pre-cooked meals.  When I looked at the packaging I was very happy to see that they were made from real food with real ingredients that I could totally read!

Diet-to-Go focuses on the common sense habits of a healthy diet – fully in-line with mainstream scientific thinking on healthy nutrition.  Which makes it affordable for the average person. Their diet meal plans includes portion control (restricted calories), balanced nutrition (protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and fiber) and real, whole foods that are low in sodium and sugar.

diet to go mealI was surprised at the quality and taste of the meals.  They were very good!  I never thought I would actually like a mushroom strata!

I found that the meals tasted fresh.  It was like I had my own personal Mommy preparing and establishing the portion control for each of my meals.  It was so nice not to have to worry about portion control, meal prep, and more! I could just open the package and eat… or pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes and eat! Simple.  Yummy! Easy!diet to go mealdiet to go meal

There was one meal out of the nine that I was not a fan of.  It was a turkey sandwich meal.  I am not sure if it was because I am/was done with eating turkey (from Thanksgiving/Christmas) or if it was the amount of meat that was portioned for that specific meal.  I understand that it was planned to help increase my protein mid-day to reduce cravings and the energy slump.  But I just couldn’t do that one specific meal.

The meals are very detailed with their labels and what is in each package.  The thing that surprised me was that they were not the typical 300 calorie meals that I am used to.  Some meals had close to 600 calories.  They tasted SUPER yummy!  This is fine if you are aware of your calorie consumption the rest of the day.

If someone were to eat that meal and over eat the rest of the day, they would not see the success they would be seeking by purchasing the diet to go products.  Learning the art of balance and moderation is key to a successful diet.  One can’t go overboard one meal and skimp the next.  Balance is key.

Like everything in life, especially with weight loss, we need to learn the art of balance.  Learning what works for us and what doesn’t.  We need to be mindful of our hunger cues and what we are eating.  We must eat a more diet to go mealbalanced whole foods approach.  We need to remember to eat our fruits and veggies.

My Diet-To-Go did a great job incorporating a balanced whole food approach with each and every meal.  There were fruits and or vegetables planned and portioned in every meal.  I never felt hungry afterwards and was always satisfied.  I enjoyed the nine meals I was given.

I think this program is a great tool for someone who is very busy and does not have time for shopping, meal planning and meal prep.  Diet-to-Go is a great diet delivery option.

Diet-To-Go is offers no shopping, no complicated recipes, and no messy clean-up.  It is like having your own personal chef. Best of all, it may be less expensive than trying to do it on your own.  Or trying to grocery shop with three small children… after work… while hungry!

Diet-To-Go is the most inexpensive diet delivery system available on the market today.  There are no cancellation fees or gimmick pricing.  There is also no commitment or contract.  They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  There are 20 different plans to choose from with 3 unique menus (low-fat, vegetarian and low-carb).

If I were given another chance to use Diet-To-Go… I TOTALLY would.  I need all the help I can get with shopping, meal prep, portion control, and making sure that Mommy eats a healthy well balanced meal during the day.  The one thing that I have taken away from this experience is learning that when I take care of my needs, and eat a well balanced meal, I feel better.  I have more energy.  I am happier and less cranky.  This is a good thing!  If you are interested in something like this, check out Diet-To-Go!

Do you like entering contests and are interested in Diet-To-Go?  They are doing a FB giveaway of 1,000 meals.  You can enter for a chance to win 1 month or 1 week of free meals! Many chances to win!  Check it out:

If contests are not your thing, check out this code for 25% off any meal plan!  The coupon code is only good through TODAY (talk about last minute shopping): newyear2013  I think I am going to take advantage of this discount to help me with my healthy living and weight loss goals for 2013!

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own.

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    That’s awesome! Sounds like a service that is super useful and easy to use. I hear you on turkey — I have this weird thing where I don’t like the way it tastes if I have too much of it (I think it tastes like the smell of wet dog, weird). Thanks for sharing!!
    Lora @ Crazy Running Girl recently posted..Paris vs. Marathon

    • says

      Bwahaha!! That is too funny… but I totally understand!

      I love meat. However, if my husband or children MOO or CLUCK while I am eating or preparing the meal… I can NOT eat it. :sigh: #IamWeird

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    Thanks for your review! We are thrilled that you enjoyed the food and were able to learn about proper portion-sizes and the value of eating filling, nutritious meals. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by tweeting us @diettogo or sending us a message on Facebook.

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    I wish I would have known about diet to go prior to my surgery this would have helped my husband who is NOT a cook :) we could have both had some great meals that seem like he could have easily prepared for us. He ended up getting a lot of carryout for us.


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