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Sleep is a hot commodity for this tired mama to three little men.  It never fails.  I am either inviting a little one to join my husband and I to kick, roll and punch half the night.  Or I am up with another child trying to refill water bottles or console someone who is half asleep talking in his sleep.  This mama is sleep deprived and could use some help getting more sleep so she could perform better throughout the day.

Enter the word technogel.  I have heard this word and of this company for a few months now. Claiming to have this amazing sleep technology to help aid in your sleep. Well… I was instantly hooked. If this pillow could help me sleep better … or sleep like my husband… I am sold.

technogel #sleeptoperform @RunningRachel

As a fitfluential ambassador, I was given the opportunity to review one of their pillows of my choice.  I chose the anatomic style pillow.  I don’t really have a specific sleep pattern.  I toss and turn until I find the best position possible, then I toss and turn again.  There was no option for tummy sleeper, so I opted for the side and back sleeper pillow.

My first reaction to the pillow was that it was super heavy.  It was not air light nor fluffy.  This was a serious pillow!  You can totally tell that this pillow is a high quality piece of material!  The two photos below are of my pillow.  There is a very nice soft cover on the pillow embossed with the company’s title.  Underneath the pillow case is their cool gel technology!  Pretty neat!

technogel pillow runningracheltechnogel

My second reaction to the pillow was that it was cool to the touch.  Even after hours of laying on the pillow it never got warm.  No needing to flip the pillow over mid sleep to get the cool side!  In the cooler winter months, this isn’t as much of a big deal.  However, come summer this is going to be an awesome addition to my sleep!

running rachel sleeping on technogel pillow

The past few nights, I have actually seen the quality in my sleeping  improve.  When I am asleep, I feel like I am in a deeper sleep.  I actually drift off to sleep quickly.  I wake with no unusual cricks in my neck or pain in my shoulder.

Now if only I could convince my children to stay in their own beds from 7:30pm – 6:30am.  Then perhaps Mommy would get a solid night’s rest… and my youngest won’t be climbing into my bed each night trying to steal my technogel pillow out from under my head!

And just in case anyone is reading this and would really like to bless me (and my husband) with a new bed.  Technogel makes beds too!!  I can only imagine how amazing this bed feels and sleeps!  Perhaps Mommy should be really good this year and ask Santa for this bed next year!?

I do have two slightly negative things to share about this pillow.  First, is that if you are a serious TUMMY sleeper, this is probably not the best pillow for you.  That is not to say that they don’t have a pillow specific for YOUR sleeping style, just not the anatomic.

Secondly, this pillow is so awesome that is comes with a pretty hefty price tag.  However, if you consider how many cheap WalMart pillows you purchase each year, this pillow could totally replace that!

We all know that sleep is good for us!  As a mom, I can tell when my children are not sleeping well or need a nap.  They are cranky, moody, irritable and even look terrible.  I know that I get the same way and look the same way when I do not get enough rest.  Sleep is important for everyone.  Good sleep is good.

I am thankful for my technogel pillow, to help me sleep to perform to be a better mommy during the day: less cranky, less haggard, less tired looking.

Just curious, how many pillows do you use and/or buy each year?

I ask that question because in all honesty, since our move to Sacramento (6 months ago) we have purchased 5 pillows… just for me and my husband!  All because we could not find a pillow that we loved!

I have purchased the foam pillows from discount department stores that were expensive for the store. Yet, it doesn’t even compare to the quality of the Tecgnogel pillow.  I would always sink into my foam off brand pillow and constantly be adjusting the form and flipping it over (for the cooler side).

Well, suffice to say, I love my new pillow.  I hurry to bed each night before my husband because I want to make sure that I get to sleep on my technogel pillow and no one steals it from me.

What kind of sleeper are you?
How do you make sure you get your proper rest each night?


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      Yes! We were buying so many ‘cheap’ pillows of all shapes and sizes to ease the pain in our neck. It is beyond ridiculous (I should take a picture of all the pillows on our bed that we used to use throughout the night to find the right one)

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      {{hugs}} I know how life can be when your sleep cycle is off. Didn’t you recently just travel to another country (many time zones different than your own)? That might have something to do with your lack of sleep?

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      I didn’t break in the pillow… I just opened and slept on it that night. :) And I have thought about bonking my husband on the head with my hefty pillow a few times. 😉

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    Ditto to all you said!!! It’s amazing and I sleep sooooo much better and fall asleep so much quicker. I was even raving about it to my family on Christmas Eve because I was telling them how much I couldn’t wait to go sleep on my dream pillow. They thought I was joking until I brought it down and showed them how wonderful it is. haha!

    And you’re so right. It’s $$$$ but seriously worth it. I had bought 3 other pillows this year already that were all no good.
    Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..Best Body Bootcamp Review & A Gift for You

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    Oooo, you’ve definitely intrigued me. A good night’s rest without shoulder pain and having to turn the pillow over for the cool side? All good things! Also, I yearn to sleep like my husband :)
    Kareen recently posted..Merry Christmas!


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