Life #WYCWYC – What you can When you can

Life is full of beautiful things.  Many of these beautiful moments are complicated, loud, busy, and often if we are honest with ourselves… do not necessarily jive with our schedule or routine.  I am learning to roll with the punches with what life throws at me.

Jumping on board with Carla and Roni’s #WYCWYC (what you can when you can) movement… I am documenting the business of life.  Doing what I can, when I can do it.  Still working hard to get the important things accomplished while making the important items a focus rather than an after thought.

I will be honest that it is a rare occasion to have a full nights rest.  Whether that is no work calls for my husband or no nightly visitors from our children… sleep is rare around these parts.  My youngest still likes to snuggle up as close as possible to Mama.  This morning was no exception.  He walked into our room and fell asleep instantly… hogging my technogel pillow and space.

This would have been cute, except I felt like I was being held captive by a sleeping 4 year old boy.  Knowing that the moment I move or get out of bed he would wake.  I risked it and sneaked out of bed while he slept.  I was able to read a chapter of Andy Stanley’s book How Good is Good Enough.  Good stuff… great read to start the day.

how good is good enough, andy stanley

Shortly afterwards, everyone was awake and the craziness began.  I got the boys their lessons started: beginning the rotation of mom, computer, independent work.  Oh it is a busy and crazy cycle… but it works for us.  While the boys were starting their lessons, I quickly made my breakfast on the go Chocolate Vegan Shakeology – my healthiest meal of the day.


As quickly as we started our morning routine, it was time to head to the dentist for Passionate P’s return visit.  He had a special visit with the doctor to battle the sugar buggies that were hiding out between his molars.  He was such a trooper and super brave.  No gas for this big boy.

After the dentist, we ventured to a nearby park to get out some wiggles.  The boys played.  Mama did walking lunges, sit-ups and hollow rocks.  I giggle that my boys don’t even bat an eyelash at me working out at the park.

ephesians 4:32 be kind and compassionate to one another

We have also been focusing on remembering and acting on the verse above: “be kind and compassionate to one another”  Ephesians 4:32.  It is a constant daily reminder to each of us.  It is my hope and prayer that they will have this verse remembered very soon… and apply it to their daily life.

When we finished our lessons for the day, we headed out to walk the Daisy dog and boys (they have an endless amount of wiggles).  T-man thought it was the ideal time to perfect his skateboarding technique, while P thought it best to crab crawl the entire walk.  Needless to say it took us a while to walk the half mile block around our neighborhood… and we got quite the look from the neighbors.

Each day we enjoy lots of fresh air, movement and activity.  I think we all thrive on the business of our day… as well as it makes for a very relatively easy bedtime.

Learning to do life, what you can when you can, is a lesson that I am learning.  Also learning to make and keep the important things a priority during my day is key.  Life is a constant juggling act.  There are many hats each day: mom, wife, teacher, faith, fitness, and more!  Picking and choosing what is important and how you will tackle it is key.

I am enjoying this challenge of just enjoying life as it happens.  Enjoying the moment.  Choosing joy.  Life.  What you can when you can.


  1. cherylann says

    Lucky you that you have a supportive partner/husband and can be at home with your kids. I had to work full time ( special ed. teacher for almost 40 years) andI was (am) a single mom (daughter is currently in a Master’s Program at SAIC) and got in my training with her in tow, wether it was in a front pack, back of a bike or jogging stroller. As she got older we kicked on the kick board in the pool together, walked the dog up and down the wash in the desert and went on weekend hikes in the mountains. She is an active young adult now. I still did five to six events a year (triathlons, 10ks, 5ks) and continue with my activity (118th tri coming up). I still don’t get enough sleep as I am up at 4 or earlier to to get in my workout before I have to be at work by 7 a.m. and work with preschoolers all day. Your life does NOT seem crazy busy to me. But I love mine and wouldn’t have it/have had it any other way.

    • says

      I think everyone has their own busy life. I do not include my every waking moment/day in my posts. As a stay-at-home mom I find myself just as busy as I was when I worked full time outside the home. It is just a different busy. :) Big kudos for you for staying active and doing it all solo! That is a huge responsibility and accomplishment! I know that I am very thankful that my husband is supportive of my running. :)

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