Wordless Wednesday: 9 Years

Nine years ago I said “I Do!” to my best friend.  My best friend who I can be myself with: silliness, seriousness and all.

The man who I could convince to dress up in elaborate silly costumes.  To fully embrace the part and play the character the entire night full of giggles and silly antics.

Who knew that these silly kids would one day marry!?

Perhaps it was the obsession with constantly shoving food in our/each others mouths that was a sign that it was meant to be?  Or just that we could totally let our guards down and be ourselves with each other, make each other laugh, and truly love one another for who they are.

These nine years of marriage have created three beautiful little men who have a fantastic father to look up to.  Being married to my husband is always an adventure. I am thankful for my husband and am looking forward to many many more years of giggles, food fights, and dress up with my handsome husband. Happy anniversary!


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    Aww! That is so sweet. I believe in those couples who actually became friends first then ended up being together because I think that friendship is really precious in every relationship. It gives both of you a freedom to be who you are when you are together – no pretensions allowed. :) That’s a funny picture by the way. :) Happy Anniversary. :)
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