Scenes from the Week


This week has been interesting… to say the least.  If you follow me on instagram you have seen a glimpse into my week through what I share in photos.  It was a good week.  It was a busy week.  It was a week with a lot of life lessons learned. I was solo parenting this week, and decided that this would be a great time (silly I know) to follow the 3-Day Refresh program.  I wouldn’t be making yummy dinners for my husband… kid friendly dinners it was!  Monday morning I started the program… nervous, scared, but was committed to stick to the Continue Reading

Scenes From The Week

hair cut

Hi Friends! I can NOT believe that the year is already OVER half way through!  PLUS it is already the middle of July!  Summer is flying by!  We have been keeping busy, and this week was no exception.  There was adventure and busyness galore!  Today I wanted to share with you a few scenes from our week. This week was the last week of the boys swim lessons.  The boys rocked their lessons and learned a lot! The two younger boys are moving to the next level and the oldest just needs to work on his breast stroke kick and he will be moving on.  Continue Reading

Healthy Appetite for Life’s Adventures


My monkeys thrive on adventure, fun, and new experiences.  I would love to be the type of mom who could enjoy a day at home with her children and have a quiet, uneventful, boring day.  That is not how my monkeys roll.  Neither is it how my personality flows.  We love adventure and seek it each day.  Finding and seeking new adventures requires a healthy appetite for learning, hunger for piling on the veggies, and moving our bodies!  Adventure is out there… all you have to do is go look for it!  My monkeys (and I) are always willing to go Continue Reading

Our Behavior Management System

marble behavior management system

Being a mom is hard work.  Parenting small children is always an adventure in disciplining, leading, correcting and teaching.  I am always adjusting and trying new things to help encourage positive behavior with my boys. I want to share with you our current behavior management system.  We have been doing the marble system for a few weeks now and it has been going well.  I used this a few times when I was a classroom teacher… and decided to pull this method out of my dusty teachers brain to use with my children.  It is working!  For Continue Reading

Everything is Awesome. Daily Life.


Summer is in full swing and the boys and I are having a blast keeping busy.  Everything is awesome.  Or that is at least the song that is in our head all day after watching a new-to-us movie today.  Here is another glimpse into our daily life from yet another busy Tuesday. The boys and I enjoyed watching The Lego Movie.  We went to the theater to see the local $1 movies with friends from church.  We had quite a turn out.  In fact, it seemed that a lot of people had this same idea as the theater was packed! This was a super cute movie.  We Continue Reading

Weekend Adventures

running mom with boys

I always have grand intentions to share with ya’ll my weekend adventures with my family… but then life happens.  You know how it is.  Sometimes we need to readjust our goals and plans… and just enjoy the moment.  That was my weekend.  More of a fly by the seat of your pants and hold on for the ride to enjoy weekend. Our weekend’s always kick off in style with Friday night Pizza Night.  We enjoyed Papa Murphy’s pizza, Blue moon beer (only the husband and me) and the movie Goonies. The boys were giggling non-stop during the whole movie.  I Continue Reading