5 Tips for your First Postpartum Workout

Happy FitSpirational Friday!  Today I am having Kelli from Not Your Mamas Marathon share with us 5 tips for your first postpartum workout.  She is a new mama, an avid runner, and has patiently returned to her fitness routine following these very steps. It has been a while since I have had a baby, my baby is 5 years old now… but I agree with her tips and know you will benefit from reading these too. No matter what type of birth you have had, your body has taken a beating. You need plenty of time (at least 6 weeks) to recover. Once you have Continue Reading

Finding my Best Yes


Hi friends.  I am going to share with you a bit of my truth and raw self today.  To say that I am struggling with the art of juggling and balance lately… would be an understatement. Life is uncertain.  The move is pending.  Homeschooling isn’t easy.  Finding time to run or be alone is non existent.  I am struggling to find my best yes. Knowing a little about me, mama needs to run… and/or hang out in nature to regroup and feel refreshed.  Yes, this past weekend I had an amazing girl weekend goofing off around the streets of San Jose.  However, Continue Reading

NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine Review & Giveaway

nescafe dolce

I love coffee.  I need coffee.  Mommy loves coffee.  On those late nights with early mornings, motherhood blesses you with… coffee is a necessity.  Finding and using a coffee machine that doesn’t require a whole lot of brain power for those early mornings is very important. Mornings are super busy.  Waking up.  Perhaps working out.  Brushing your teeth (maybe). Making and eating breakfast for yourself and  your family.  Getting the kids ready.  Mad rush out the door for your daily activities.  Perhaps even wait in a long drive through line to Continue Reading

Five Favorite Things


This past week has been yet another wild and wonderful few days.  Full of adventure, life, busyness, and more… the days have run together and before I knew it today was Friday.  I am still trying to juggle and find balance with all of life’s responsibilities, training and fitting in our lessons (and FUN!) during our day.  Some days are awesome.  Some days are not so fun.  But we get it done. Here are five of my highlights from this past week… because it is more fun to read the highlight reel than the blooper reel, right?! The past two weeks, Continue Reading

Life as I Know It


Why is it that some days are totally AWESOME and other days totally FAIL!?  That seems to be the story of my rollercoaster life lately.  Juggling family life, homeschooling, fitness, growing my faith, and oh… trying to figure out when/how to pack for a cross country move.  Busy.  Preoccupied.  Overwhelmed.  Rocking it and flopping it.  I never know what the day will hold. Some days I totally rock as a parent… and other days I totally FAIL!  Some days (actually most days) the moment I think, “Hey I am totally rocking this day! It is going to be Continue Reading

Scenes from the Week


This week has been interesting… to say the least.  If you follow me on instagram you have seen a glimpse into my week through what I share in photos.  It was a good week.  It was a busy week.  It was a week with a lot of life lessons learned. I was solo parenting this week, and decided that this would be a great time (silly I know) to follow the 3-Day Refresh program.  I wouldn’t be making yummy dinners for my husband… kid friendly dinners it was!  Monday morning I started the program… nervous, scared, but was committed to stick to the Continue Reading