CrossFit For Kids

crossfit for kids

This afternoon I surprised my boys by letting them try out a local gym’s crossfit for kids program.  They were so excited to workout and show off their skills.  I reminded them that it was a time to learn to listen to their coach as well as follow directions. All three of my boys jumped right in and were eager to learn, follow, and do the skills for the agenda.  Even my youngest (4 years old) was ready to show Coach Jen his skills. They warmed up their bodies by running and doing agility style movements.  This was super fun to watch as a Continue Reading

Favorite Five From The Week

My mommy runs faster than your mommy

Happy Friday! I wanted to share with you a few (five) of my favorite things from this past week.  It was a recovery week from me, so I did a lot of catching up around the house and playing with the boys. Five Favorites When I arrived home, I had a package from Ultimate Direction.  I am a ZOOMA Ambassador for the Napa Valley race and they are a sponsor.  I am looking forward to using this on my future runs! The boys love their action figurines and spend a good portion of their day playing with them… when they are not doing their lessons.  Continue Reading

Marathon and Motherhood


This past weekend I had an epic whirl-wind adventure in LA with some amazing athletes, Olympians and bloggers.  It was a weekend filled with laughter, memories and good times.  Running 26.2 miles with 25,000 other crazy runners in the heat was just the cherry on top of an amazing weekend.  It was great and I am excited to share my adventure and experience with ya’ll.  Keep checking in this week and I promise my weekend recap will be up. Now that my weekend marathon… running … is on recovery mode, my Mommy hat is now on full Continue Reading

Rainy Day Fun

rainy day fun

Anything that has to do with mess, mud, wet, noise, or dirt makes my children happy.  Factor in the fact that they rarely see rain… or puddles makes the past few days of entertainment sheer bliss for them.  It poured on us the other day.  Which is a blessing because California is in a drought and we need rain.  This crazy rain down pour gave amazing puddles for the boys to jump, stomp, toss, and even create their own version of a boot-water fight.  The boys started with an easy 1-2-3 group jump into the Continue Reading

Homeschooling Confessions


After much prayer and research, I decided to begin homeschooling my boys last year.  Pulling my oldest out of public school was scary and uncertain.  I wasn’t sure how my elementary education degree  (to teach in the classroom) was going to pan out teaching my three boys in the kitchen. I will say that it has been a learning curve for all of us.  Some days are awesome and we love  homeschooling.  While there are other days, I am ready to find the nearest school and enroll them ALL for full day school + after school activities.  Just being Continue Reading

Life of RunningRachel


Parenting.  Homeschooling.  Training for another full marathon.  Life’s responsibilities.  It is all a big juggling act.  It isn’t always glamorous.  It isn’t always facebook status worthy.  It is life.  Dirty.  Ugly.  Loud.  Active.  Busy.  Life. Here is a glimpse into our busy, chaotic, ugly, real life, day.  Homeschooling.  Chores and errands.  Training with kids.  Life. The day started with our homeschool lessons and chores.  We often do school in our pajamas… or rather T and I do school in our pajamas.  In between lessons, I run through Continue Reading