Running With The Boys

I am a running mom.  I run with my boys.  Some days by choice… other days, like today, by force.  I have begun training for my fall race schedule: Ragnar Relay Napa Valley, Rock N Roll San Jose Half Marathon, local 20 miler, and my first full marathon California International Marathon.  Being a stay-at-home homeschooling mom, running with kids is my normal routine.  I am thankful for a gym membership for those treadmill (needing to run by myself) days.

Today was too pretty of a morning (sunshine and mid 70’s).  I was only running 6 miles, so I knew that it would a doable distance to run with the boys.  I also knew that it would not be a fun distance to run on the treadmill. I chose to run on the trail… with my boys.

training run with kids, running with kids

Before we loaded up the van, I pre-routed a path using daily mile.  I found a relatively simple out and back trail that ran past THREE parks.  This would be incentive for the boys to make it to the halfway, turnaround, point so we could play at the parks on the way back.  It worked.

We ran.  Stopped at a park.  Ran.  Stopped at a park for snack.  Ran.  Stopped at a pretty park to admire the view.  Ran again.  Found the van.  Done.

Running with the boys is not as pretty as the photos make it seem.  There are many obstacles I encounter.  My brain cannot get the endorphin release that I get when I run solo.  There are not always kind and loving words that escape my mouth.

This is what running with my boys REALLY looked like today:

running with my boys looks like this, running with kids, running rachel

Start running.  Within 2 minutes on the trail I hear, “I am tired.  I am hungry.  Are we done yet?  Are we there yet?”  My brain is already beginning to regret this decision.

My mouth says these phrases more times than I care to count:

Stop zig-zagging!
Get over to the right!
Go straight!
Slow Down!
Go faster!
Go left.  No your other left!
Turn right.  No your other right!
Go, or you will get bonked!
Don’t ride over that… poop.  {sigh}

Running with my boys isn’t as glamorous or super mom material as the photos make it sound.  We do it because we have to.  The boys do it because that is all they know.  Their earliest memories are of them going for runs with mom in the jogger… they know no differentThis is their usual.

The only difference now that the big boys are getting bigger and older… they now have to put in some effort and workout too!  My hope and dream is that one day, they will be running with me!!

Are you a running mom?
I would love to hear your tips and tricks on how you get your training miles in with children!


  1. Stephanie says

    Great job! I usually promise a park stop or a treat of ice cream or on early morning summer runs donuts and milk. 😉


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