Mommy Needs a Time Out

The past few days has been rough.  Yes, I have had moments of parenting genius… but for the most part I am feeling like I am drowning in a puddle of frustration.  Parenting is hard work.  Yes, I say it again and again and again.  Parenting my three boys is hard.  Yes, they are stinking cute… but equally challenging.

My boys are on summer break and I think they (as well as Mommy) are missing their structure and routine. This free-for-all summer fun is a bit overwhelming to all of us. The disrespect and attitudes from my children are more than I can bare.

If I am to be completely honest… Mommy needs a permanent time out.

mommy needs a time out

Is there a place where Mommy’s can go to be alone and be refreshed?  Is it a magical place where there is no whining, no fighting, no naughty words, and not a child in sight?  I think time out seems like a dream come true!  This Mommy needs a time out… often!

The boys need a time out.  We need structure and routine to our chaos filled (yet fun) life.

I would love any tips and tricks you might use to create a fun-filled and yet organized (happy and not stressful) summer routine.

I would also love if you have any books or websites that you could direct me to regarding teaching children to be respectful of those in authority.  Mommy needs a time out.

Where do you go when YOU need a time out?


  1. Melanie says

    I hear you! I LOVE the structure the school year provides! I keep, especially our mornings pretty structured even during the summer, but in a more relaxed way, if that makes any sense. 😉 I let them sleep a little later if they want (usually we’re up later so this works well). When they get up before they can do what they want they must eat, get dressed and ready for the day, make their beds, and do 2-3 chores depending on age. The difference from the school year is they don’t have a time that this must be done by, but it must be done before they can go out and play or anything else they want to do. After lunch we have another small round of chores and then we spend some time reading. Then they are free for the afternoon. I try to engage them in something if they can’t seem to find something on their own. The littlest one (3) is almost always “working” with Mommy doing whatever it is I’m doing. A schedule doesn’t have to be rigid to provide structure. Praying for you to have a better 2nd half to your week. :-)

  2. Stephanie says

    Great post!! Summer is hard! For me it is frustrating when the boys bicker and are grumpy. I find they do much better when they are very busy outdoors Doing stuff that tires them out :). Kai is my sassy pant kids and I generally when he is ride or disrespectful to someone I make him say sorry And ask him to explain to me what he has done wrong. Some days are awesome and I love it and some days I want to give the kids away.

  3. says

    Oh boy(s)!!!!! Do you have any day camps in your area? I know we have some that vary in lenghth and are good for a little structure. Good luck! My mommy time outs usually taking 2 minutes in a locked bathroom. 😉

  4. says

    I go running!!! No tips :( I send my little to camp and the older one has gotten a job while I work! Hope you figure it all out, I always search Amazon for any books.

  5. says

    oh gosh i’m not a momma so i can’t really relate but i know a lot of my momma friends have made HUGE lists of things to do over the summer… like literally a list of 50 (think: visit any [free] local attraction to have a picnic in the park to fingerpaint in the backyard!)

  6. says

    ahhh when my daughter was young Id frequently need to separate us for a moment so I could STOMP MY FEET and just BREATHE AGAIN.
    anywhere would work—-Id just be certain she was safe and take a few minutes for me to destress.


  7. says

    I second the day camp suggestion – maybe a vacation bible school? When I was on mat leave 2 years ago, I sent S who had just turned 6, and B who had just turned 4, to a summer camp run by our Parks n Recs department in the gym of a school. S & B had a blast at camp – they made friends, learned stuff (every day had a new theme), did crafts, and lots of running & jumping and I got a VERY MUCH needed break. They’re going to 3 different day camps this summer – each one for 2 weeks. I also saw an activity jar idea on pinterest, and I believe I sent a book to Steph with 101 ideas of things to do with kids – maybe you could ask to borrow that?

  8. says

    Sending you hugs, MAJOR RESPECT {no kiddos here} and a huge margarita! I’d definitely check out the parks & rec department to see if they have any free or low cost things for kids to do. Growing up, my mom always had a few days a week planned to go somewhere. Our favorite place was the beach. I’d play in the sand while she read books.
    Good luck! :)

  9. says

    I often use the gym as my time out (swear I’m more motivated to work out post kids for that reason alone). As for books…I’m not sure if it’s what you would be looking for but I recently read Parenting with Love and Logic and really loved it. It has helped with M and B a lot.

    • says

      Yes! My gym membership fees are TOTALLY worth the alone time NEEDED for this mama. :) I will have to re-check out Love and Logic. I read it when C was younger… 7 years ago 😉

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