Making Priorities a Priority

Life is busy with three active little boys.  Finding time to fit in faith, family and fitness is truly a juggling act.  Making my priorities a priority is the challenge.  It always seems like someone or something gets forgotten and set aside as not important.  I am still trying to learn this prioritizing art.

Earlier this week, I shared with you a glimpse of a day in our life.  It wasn’t special or unique… just a few things that we did.

Tuesday was filled with on-the-go busy from the start.  What Happens When Women Say Yes to God Bible study started my morning.  After arriving home, the boys and I attempted to clean the house and get some honey do chores out of the way.  You know how cleaning with three little helpers can be.

I rearranged the boys bedrooms, cleaned, purged and organized.  This alone was a workout (and sweat fest)!

We decided to take a break from household duties and spend the afternoon playing at the snake park, running and getting all our wiggles out before bedtime.  The boys splashed, climbed, played and wiggled to their hearts content.  I enjoyed reading and catching up on my previous Pastor’s newest book, Secret’s of a Happy Life.

boys play splash padsecrets to a happy life

While at the park, the boys and I enjoyed running/walking the trail around the park for #RWRunStreak.  It might not have been a super fast mile… but we did something and we did it together.

Wednesday we kick started our day by heading to crossfit.  For National Running Day, I opted to run to crossfit.  C, my oldest, rode his scooter while I pushed the little boys in the double jogger.  It wasn’t the fastest mile, but it was a constant moving (while chasing/or yelling to catch up with the oldest).

The WOD for the day was all about clean & jerk.  I found this movement confusing at first, until two lovely women described the movements to me in a much simpler (gym-goer) term.  I liked this movement much better than the snatch from the previous week.  I lifted a modified weight of 55 pounds.  It was comfortably challenging, but I know that I could have (should have) gone heavier.

crossfit wod, wod, crossfit, clean & jerkbook and poolside

That afternoon the boys and I ventured to our regular gym where I lounged by the pool and finished my What Happens When Women Say Yes to God study.  The boys played happily (and wildly) in the child care… while I put my faith priority first.

After finishing my study, I put aside my desire for peace and quiet and picked up the boys for some outside pool and splash pad play.  Our gym just opened up their new splash pad and the boys had a great time!

splash pad fun

On Thursday we met up with some friends from church to explore a new-to-us park, FairyTale Town.  Basically this is a huge fenced in park with a fairy tale theme.  The boys enjoyed exploring, climbing and sliding down all the unique structures.

fairytale town

By the time we got home the temperatures had already gotten very warm.  The speed work that was scheduled on my training plan had to take a back seat.  I was not going to be able to run outside with the boys in this heat.  Nor were they willing to load up (again) to head to the gym so Mommy could run on the treadmill.

We opted to color and play at home.  I caught up on my Daniel Bible study while C drew super heroes next to me.  Meanwhile P & T decided this was the prime opportunity to trash (create an imaginary super hero world that Mommy was unable to unearth and see) their bedroom for the fifth time that day.  Good times. 

Needless to say, my scheduled run didn’t happen.  So, I compromised and ran a warm slow mile with our old dog, Daisy.  She was more interested in marking her territory and spending quality time with Mommy… rather than running a consistent steady pace.  But, we made our mile for #RWRunStreak… even if it was a slow one… we did it.

Now today is Friday… as I sit and type this I am trying to figure out if I have mad my priorities a priority in my day: faith, family, fitness. We ran errands, I worked out, we played at the pool… and now we are home enjoying popcicles and cooling down the best we can in 100+ temperatures.  Juggling is hard.  It takes a lot of practice.  It takes time.

How do you make your priorities a priority?

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