Handstand Friday and a Boy Mom Reflection

Happy handstand Friday! Here in northern California, the first Friday in May is off with a BANG!  It is hot here.  My air conditioner is running.  However, the boys are NOT slowing down and stopping.  They are happily dripping with sweat as they fight imaginary bad guys in the field by our house.

Because this past week has been crazy busy, I honestly forgot about handstand Friday.  So… I had to bust out a quick handstand while the boys were protecting their princess (me) this afternoon.

handstandfriday, handstand friday

One thing I am learning (and slowly embracing) about being a boy mom is that boys need room to play.  Room to run.  Room to explore their imaginations.  Room to fight bad guys.  Space not confinement.  Boys are so different than Girls.  Which is a good thing.   It is how God made them.  God does not make junk.

Today I am embracing THE BOY.  I am giving my boys structure and routine… yet giving them room to play and run.  We have enjoyed playing at our neighborhood park for a few hours now.  They are having a blast.

runningrachel boys

They are happy.  Mommy is happy.  As a matter of fact, as I type this (at home), my oldest is proudly showing off to his younger brothers the creation he eliminated from his body in the bathroom.  Sigh.  Boys.

Sometimes, as a mom to three little boys… I need to hang out upside down every so often (even if it is once a week) to get a fresh perspective of how FUN life can be.  I need to embrace my inner BOY and learn to LOVE LIFE and each moment.

Where is your happy place?
Do you find your children need SPACE to roam and play to be happy?


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