Wordless Wednesday: Right or Wrong?

Homeschooling my boys is always… always… an adventure!  There are good days as well as bad.  Many days are full of laughter and questions about the world around them.  It is an amazing thing to be a part of their learning experience.

An event that I would have missed, had I not been his teacher was caught this week.  I was teaching my 1st grade son the names of different types of shapes: solid and plane.  His individual lesson included this question… and his answer:

right or wrong? wordless wednesday

He drew an excellent plane… shape.  One could argue that there are plane shapes in his plane.  I love how literal my children are.

Right… or Wrong?  What would you do?


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      Yes. Good thing he is home schooled and *I* am his teacher! <3 I just called him back over to re-read what the question was asking. Once he realized it wasn’t asking him to draw a plane… but a plane SHAPE he knew what he needed to do :)

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