Motivation Monday: #FindYourStrong

Happy Motivation Monday!  This week I want to challenge and encourage you to find your strong.  Many times I find myself beaten by the mental fatigue and struggle of the I can’t or the I don’t wanna.  Some days I can beat the mental game, while other days it wins and I really struggle with overcoming and trying my best.

I asked myself (and you) the question a few weeks ago, do you give your all?  I realized and shared that I do not.  I cruise just enough to get by.  Effort is like toothpaste, you can always squeeze out just a little bit more.


I am currently training for my next half marathon (on 3/17). After my half, I am continuing the endurance training for Ragnar So. Cal.  I have tried to incorporate finding my strong in my training runs this week.  I have changed things up a bit by adding tempo/interval training at the end of my run.  Challenging my comfort level and giving it more effort than I would have originally. I am confident in my endurance training… and now am working on my speed.

Training Plan from Last Week:

2/25 - 4 mile treadmill run2/27 - R.I.P.P.E.D. & GST class3/1 - quick 2 mile run while pushing the double jogger

3/2 - solo WARM 10.5 mile run

I finished my 4 mile treadmill run with a high intensity interval routine the last mile which not only challenged my physically but also mentally.  I pushed myself to go further and faster than I was comfortable with… but I did it.

I had to run outside on Friday because it was such a beautiful day… resulting in me running with all three boys (two of which were in the double jogger).  I forgot how physically and mentally draining and exhausting it is to run while pushing the jogger.  I put forth the effort.  Ran the whole time.  Challenged myself.  I did it.

On Saturday I ran my last somewhat long run before I start my taper for the half.  I ran 10.5 solo miles.  The first 9 miles were at a comfortable pace (averaging around 9:30).  The last mile I needed a change of pace and scenery.  I decided to change things up a bit by running interval sprints between telephone poles/side streets/place markers.  I sprinted all out to a specific mark, then walked to recover to the next starting point.  This was a great exercise in challenging myself both physically and mentally… as well as incorporating some speed training.

Training Plan THIS Week:

My plan this week is to begin my taper before the half marathon.  I will continue to challenge myself and give the extra effort… without taxing my muscles and giving them the rest to recover for race day.

Monday: 4 miles easy + 6 strides
Tuesday: 3 miles easy
Wednesday: 4 miles easy
Thursday: 3 miles easy
Friday: active rest
Saturday: 6 easy miles

I am going to focus on hydration and proper nutrition… while continuing to challenge myself physically and mentally with my training.

How do YOU find Your Strong?  What is on your training plan this week?

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