Holiday Gift Guide for your Fitness Fanatic

The holidays are here and if you are trying to figure out what to get your fitness fanatic for Christmas, you have come to the right place.  This is my holiday gift guide for your fitness fanatic friends and family members.  This is my personalized gift guide for you, a list of items that I think your fitness friend will love!

holiday gift guide

Zensah Compression Socks – Compression socks are all the rage in the fitness world.  Compression allows athletes to wake up the next day feeling fresh, reducing aches and pains.  Athletes are able to train harder, taking their workouts to the next level.  I personally love and use my argyle zensah compression socks all.the.time.  They have come in handy many times to keep my legs going strong on long runs, as well as help aid in recovery after a long, hard run.

zensah compression socks, compression sport product, zensah argyle compression socks

They have other compression products (besides fun socks).  Zensah also provides leg sleeves, sports  bra, high compression bottoms, arm sleeves and thigh sleeves.  I think I am going to ask Mr. Fit Santa for compression bottoms or leg sleeves for Christmas next year.

Kitsch Hair Accessories – These unique (affordable) hair accessories are super cute and fashionable.  You can use the kitsch hair ties and headbands that follow you to the gym, to work, and out on the town.  I have enjoyed adding some flair to my pony tail, as well as attempting to use their headband.

kitsch hair accessories

As girls we know that a hair band is a workout necessity but how often is that hair band a boring black elastic one? Kitsch has designed the perfect elastic hair accessories that can get the job done without pulling, creasing, or getting caught in the wearer’s hair. Let Kitsch work hard to keep you hair back, while you work hard to get in shape!

Yurbuds – I have mentioned many times before, how I love my yurbuds.  These soft head phone ear buds have helped me run relatively pain free.  My ears do not hurt and they stay in my ears!  You can find these at your local Target for less than $30.



Under Armour Sports Bra – As a woman, the most important fitness accessory is a supportive sports bra!  As a runner, this fact is key for a pain free run.  It is no fun running (or doing anything for that matter) when the girls are not supported adequately.  The ArmourBra is a unique sports bra in that it is specifically sized to you by your bra size.  There is no typical small, medium, large.  It also doesn’t smoosh your girls, it forms and keeps them looking NICE while keeping them in place.

under armour bra, armourbra

2 Toms Sport Shield – Nothing is more disappointing or more detrimental to a runner on a long run or a distance race than when they get chaffing.  Ouch!  I have tried many different anti-chaffing products on a run, and 2Toms is by FAR my favorite.  This gentle roll on applicator goes on smooth (not chalky) and leaves a fresh, smooth, shield preventing chaffing from happening.  Bliss!

Polar Heart Rate Monitor – I am a new convert to owning and using a heart rate monitor during my fitness workouts.  I have to say that I am sold.  I love knowing the estimated calorie burn, whether or not I am in my fitness or fat burning zone and seeing my fitness improvements.  I have been able to use my polar FT40 to see how far I can push myself on speed, tempo and long training runs.

polar heart rate mointor ft40

Nuun – I have always been a sport drink person for my post run electrolyte needs.  However, this all changed after my friend, Tammy, introduced me to Nuun hydration tablets.  I love these! They are designed to keep you optimally hydrated no matter what your fitness need is.  I love that they do not upset my stomach, have a pleasant taste, and even have a bit of fizzy flavor to them.  I am able to drink this before, during, and after a long hard run… keeping me properly hydrated and my electrolytes balanced.

Gu Energy Labs – I have to say that gu energy labs is still my favorite go to nutrient/energy provider to consume during a long run.  My personal favorite is the mint chocolate.  I used that flavor on my most recent race (CIM).

Road ID – Staying safe while running is very important.  There are many ways to stay safe while running, and one of them is by wearing a RoadID.  RoadID has many stylish options and can be customized for your personalized needs.  I own a wrist band.  However, because we have moved twice in the past 6 months, I need to update my emergency contact information.

Foam Roller (or a fresh tennis ball) – I am a new foam roller convert.  I never knew how good a painful rolling experience could feel post run!  I currently use my gym’s foam roller because Santa hasn’t brought me my own *yet*.  For now, I use a fresh tennis ball to roll my aching heel and arches post run.

foam roller

I limited my holiday gift guide to only ten items.  However, I know there are many MANY more fitness items that are out there that many fitness fanatics’ are coveting this year.

Are you the fitness fanatic?  What is on your fitness wish list?

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  1. Elena Vo says

    Yurbuds is new product for me to explore! Excited there is a solution to earphones falling out of my ears or hurting them.

  2. says

    I LOVE this list! I am adding your first three to my Christmas list right now! I have to thank you, I have always wondered what compression socks did, now knowing I MUST get these! Bonus they are so FUN!! I am LOVING the Kitsch headbands, the I am ones will be mine. Thank you for this post!


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