My First Spinning Class

I am a cardio junkie.  I love a good heart pumping sweat fest of pure cardio adrenaline.  Usually that cardio love is running.  However, since living near the river trail, I have reintroduced my love of biking.  The past few weeks I have pulled the littles in the trailer and we have explored the trails.

The gym that I belong to offers a spin class.  I have never tried spinning.  The thought of riding a bike, stationary for an hour never appealed to me.  I much prefer riding outside with the wind on my face or back while enjoying God’s great creation.  Yet, the lure of class and recommendations from friends sucked me in.  “It is a great workout!” one friend boasted.  “You will nearly puke! It is such a great workout!” another friend exclaimed.

Well then… I knew I just had to try for myself to see what spinning was really like!

I am thankful the instructor was super friendly and helpful.  She helped me adjust my bike.  Who knew there were FOUR different adjustments to one silly bike!? I am so short I had to be on the lowest/closest number on each setting.

Starting the workout was just like any other workout, you had to get warmed up to feel in the groove.  Sweating in a hot room to loud pumping music and not going anywhere was an odd sensation for me.  The music and friendliness of the class was comforting and challenging.


Getting used to the adjustments on the bike (easy/hard) was the biggest challenge for me.  I had to mentally visualize a hill on the trail while pulling the trailer to really push through and challenge myself.

I know that my hamstrings and buns are tight from the hills we climbed in spin class yesterday.  The up/raised position while on a hard gear was challenging and my legs felt like I was doing a constant pressing squat for the duration of each climb.  Ouch!

Spinning was a great experience and a great workout.  I still prefer to be riding with my family (or pulling 75 pounds of giggling children) on the trail on a beautiful day.  However, when the weather is bad or if I am needing a break from children… spinning class is a great way to challenge myself to a good heart pumping sweat fest!

I think I will try spinning again… in a few days… when my bum doesn’t hurt to sit anymore.

Have you tried a spinning class?

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