Busy. Active. Outdoor Play!

The sun is shining and the boys and I have been spending the majority of our busy day(s ) outside playing.  To keep the craziness (and crankies) at bay… we head outside to get our wiggles out and enjoy the sunshine. 

Yesterday the little boys and I spent our morning having a picnic at a nearby park.  We did lots of climbing, jumping, swinging, and SCREAMING (no worries only good squeals of laughter and fun at this park).

Later in the afternoon, after we picked up the oldest from school… we had a good old fashion gymnastic handstand contest. 

My two year old decided he was not going to be out shined by his older brothers.  He did his best hand stands possible – which looked more like donkey kicks, but he was working at it!

My six year old son has ah-mazing handstand skills (if I do say so myself – proud mama). 

IMG_2490 IMG_2491

My four year old, precious Pman, never to follow the pack, decided that he was going to do cartwheels in his motocross costume. 


Maybe next time we have a family flip or tumbling fun, someone else can man the camera and Mommy (er, RunningRachel) can be shared through photos too.

When was the last time YOU tried doing a cartwheel or handstand?


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