My Boys: Wordless Wednesday

My computer’s hard drive completely failed and crashed last week.  Which left me without a computer and ALL (yes, I mean a years worth of photos that I failed to back up, develop and SAVE) missing!!

Even my super cute photo I took of the boys two weeks ago… GONE!  They were all smiling and looking at the camera at the same time! And even appeared to like each other!!


(Disclaimer: I shared the photo on facebook so I was able to recover the photo, however the quality is not high enough to use for my shutterfly photo cards!)

{ sigh }

I am in a Christmas Card scramble!!  I my feeble attempt to take another perfect brotherly love photo, I captured these two photos:

Boys3  Boys4

Not quite the picturesque Christmas card I was hoping for.  I mean it DOES depict their personalities and both are super cute…. but it is not exactly what I was hoping for.  Perhaps I will get lucky later this week and capture that perfect moment on film.  Or perhaps one of the two rowdy photos above will be gracing your mailbox in the future!?

How do you save, protect, and/or backup your photos?
What is your biggest piece of advice for taking fantastic family/sibling photos?

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    I was really good at keeping photos on an external hard drive. Thinking that would protect them if my computer crashed… However I learned the hard way that it wasn’t a perfect system… While moving the external drive got dropped… Cue major break down in tears. Luckily we saved most. However, my husband lost 1000 of his pictures he took in Ireland when he went a few years ago. Now.. Keep a copy on my computer, actually I have two… The original and edited versions, then a copy on the new external drive and a third copy on cd. One of my monthly to do items is to burn any new photos taken or edited during the past month onto CDs. The rest of the process is done the same day I transfer stuff off the camera. My brother in law recommends keeping your back up CDs at a different house ( like a family members or safe-deposit box) that way if something happens to tour house, you still have your memories.


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