Running in Mizuno WaveRider 18

Mizuno Wave Rider 18

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno.  All opinions are my own. I love running.  I love finding fantastic running shoes that compliment my love of running.  The past few weeks I have been enjoying my training runs in my new Mizuno Wave Rider 18 shoes.   I really do love the improvement Mizuno has made from the Wave Rider 17 model.  This is my Mizuno Wave Rider 18 running shoe review. As a woman, I have a thing for shoes.  Granted, my desire for pretty shoes are not the dress up kind… it is for fantastic Continue Reading

Happy Chocolate Day


Did you know that today is a special day!?  It is Chocolate Day!  You learn something new every day, right?  What better way to celebrate this special day than with chocolate!?  You have permission to enjoy, it is a special day after all! In celebration of this glorious Chocolate Day, I was approached by Balance Bar to share with you some their delicious healthy treats… chocolate bars with a healthy 40/30/30 balance of carbs, protein and fat!! A nutrition bar for lasting energy that is chocolate and tastes delicious!  Winning! I was sent a Continue Reading

Weekly Fitness Plan


I am loving the cooler temperatures, the changing colors in the leaves, and the fresh crispness each morning brings.  Fall is here!  For some reason, this time of year really rejuvenates me with regard to my love of running and adding on the miles.  Perhaps it is because I am not running in scorching heat in temperatures above 100 degrees. Last week I shared with you my weekly fitness plan and goals.  I like that it helps keep me accountable with my running, training, and fitness goals.  Running and covering the mileage is the easy part, Continue Reading

Scenes From The Week


The days are long, the hours speed by quick, and memories and time are etched in stone.  Our week was another busy fun-filled week filled with our normal routines as well as some fun thrown in the mix.  The exciting thing for the boys and I, was that Daddy flew home for 3 days to end the week.  We were all missing him and were excited to have him home with us. Homeschool days are trucking right along.  There are good days and there are super hard days.  We experienced both of them this week.  Sometimes it is a hard adjustment (still) to Continue Reading

Evolution of Blogging

Evolution of blogging

Oh how the online world has changed and evolved over the years.  From blogging platforms to social media, the online world is not the same as it was 5 years ago.  I have been blogging for almost 9 years.  Gasp.  Yes.  Although my evolution of blogging story is not one to write books about. I first started blogging in 2005 using the free blogging platform xanga.  I used it primarily as a means to record my daily thoughts about life as a wife who taught 6th grade in Saint Louis.  It then evolved into my private space where I could record my Continue Reading

Recognizing Your Triggers


What are your triggers?  I know this may sound like a loaded question, but this is something I have been thinking a lot about lately.  A trigger is something that causes something else to happen.  We all have triggers… things that evoke emotion and cause a result that we may not always be proud of. Today I am going to talk about emotional triggers when it comes to health and fitness.  The past few months (okay perhaps years), I have become increasingly aware of my triggers that cause me that mental explosion when it comes to my health and Continue Reading