Evolution of Blogging

Oh how the online world has changed and evolved over the years.  From blogging platforms to social media, the online world is not the same as it was 5 years ago.  I have been blogging for almost 9 years.  Gasp.  Yes.  Although my evolution of blogging story is not one to write books about.

Build Up Your Blog, evolution of blogging

I first started blogging in 2005 using the free blogging platform xanga.  I used it primarily as a means to record my daily thoughts about life as a wife who taught 6th grade in Saint Louis.  It then evolved into my private space where I could record my pregnancy and life in California for my family back in the midwest.  I was so leery of the strangers online, that I even deleted and blocked people who visited and commented on my blog.

Stranger danger much!?

I soon realized that my little space upon the internet was an outlet for me to use my words, share what I enjoy, all while still keeping in touch with friends and family halfway across the country.  I eventually bought my domain Running Rachel in 2010 because not only did I enjoy running, but my life was constantly running after something.  One Mom: Running through life one day at a time.

Through the advancement of technology, social media, smart phones, and the online world… my blogging has evolved.  I no longer delete and block when strangers visit to read and comment.

Yay for most of you!

I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities, financial compensation, great products to try and more through my online sharing.  It has been a crazy ride… but I do enjoy sharing a bit of my world with you.

Because the blogging and social media world is constantly shifting and evolving, I am always reading and learning about different tips and tricks on how to improve upon my craft.  There are many great online communities that are there solely to help you improve and grow your online presence.  There are also many informative how-to books that can teach you as well.

As a FitFluential Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to review a fellow ambassadors e-book.  The Fitnessista created an e-book titled Build Up Your Blog.

Build up your blog by fitnessista

I have been reading this e-book for the past few weeks, taking in the wisdom and advice and applying it to my blog.  This is a 70 page e-book that is full of tips and tricks that Gina, The Fitnessista, has used to make her blog a successful business.  I love learning from others who have a successful story and are willing to share their knowledge and experience with others!

According to Gina, this eBook is for…
  • Those who have been blogging consistently for a while, but find themselves at a crossroads for the “next step” with their blog.
  • Those who want to figure out how to share their unique voice, story and knowledge (in any field!) to help others.
  • Those who are interested in monetizing their blog, networking, and creating partnerships.
And this eBook is NOT for…
  • Those who don’t have a blog and have no interest in starting one.
  • Those who enjoy blogging occasionally for fun, and want to keep the professional aspect out of blogging (which is totally cool).

Like I mentioned above, social media and blogging is constantly evolving and changing.  Who knew that pinterest and instagram would be such hot sharing markets!?  What ever happened to myspace!  Things change quickly in this constantly changing market… and it is books and people like this that help those who are wanting that  foot in the door to get them started.

4 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. How to monetize your blog through ad revenue, affiliate income and brand partnerships.
  2. Discovering your unique voice and creating a content calendar.
  3. Social media tips for various platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  4. Determine your posting frequency and spread the word about your blog.

Because many successful bloggers have also shared their tips that work for them, I have shared a few links below of their resource articles on blogging tips and social media tips.

Blogging Tips from Successful Bloggers

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Click here to visit The Fitnessista for more Blogging Tips.

If you are interested in checking out more of the e-book, Build Up Your Blog,  I shared above by The Fitnessista,  Click here to view more details or simply click the  Buy Now button!

Are you a blogger or a blog reader?
Have you noticed the shift and change in blogging and social media over the years?