Recognizing Your Triggers


What are your triggers?  I know this may sound like a loaded question, but this is something I have been thinking a lot about lately.  A trigger is something that causes something else to happen.  We all have triggers… things that evoke emotion and cause a result that we may not always be proud of. Today I am going to talk about emotional triggers when it comes to health and fitness.  The past few months (okay perhaps years), I have become increasingly aware of my triggers that cause me that mental explosion when it comes to my health and Continue Reading

Weekly Fitness Plan


Happy Monday, ya’ll!  I am a big planner and thrive when I make a plan for my week.  I may not always follow it perfectly, but I like knowing what is in store for me each day.  I also love reading and hearing about what other people are doing to reach their health and fitness goals. Last week I announced that I would be running the Boston Marathon on Team Stonyfield, I have been working on my endurance in a pre-conditioning training phase.  Since completing the LA Marathon this past spring, I have run primarily for fun.  My running has been Continue Reading

Fun at Fog Willows Farm with Friends


Fall is here and one of our family’s favorite fall activities is to visit local a local pumpkin patch.  Being that we are still relatively new to the Sacramento area (2 years), we haven’t explored all the great pumpkin patches and farms the area has to offer.  After church, the boys and I met some good friends for an afternoon of memory making at Fog Willows Farm in Wilton, California. This was a very small venue, in comparison with other large pumpkin patches we have explored over the years.  The cost to get in was $4 per person (ages 4 and Continue Reading

Ways to Measure Body Fat


I am a big nerd and love learning about the human body.  Even more exciting for me, is learning about my body and what it is currently doing and where are areas that I can improve upon.  I was curious about my current body fat percentage and asked to have my measurements taken by a local personal trainer at my gym. When we met I gave him my stats: height, weight, current health issues and more.  The trainer said that he would be able to administer three different type of tests to measure my body fat.  They each had a margin of error, but it Continue Reading

Getting To Know Me in 50 Questions

A few of my blogging friends have been sharing a fun 50 Questions type post that I have enjoyed reading.  So I thought I would join in on the fun and share with you my answers to these getting to know you in 50 questions.  Thanks to Janice from Fitness Cheerleader, Christine at Love Life Surf and Stephanie at Fit Mom in Training! So without further ado, for your reading pleasure… here are 50 answers to these random 50 questions!  Getting to know you… getting to know all about you… 1. What are you wearing?  I am currently wearing an oversized Continue Reading

Life Lately


Hi friends.  Life lately has been a whirlwind of super fun activities, blessings, busy activities and more.  Solo parenting, homeschooling, training for a spring marathon, and learning the art of balance is the name of the game lately.  I thought it would be fun to share with you another life lately post of what my today looked like. I am loving my ErinCondren LifePlanner to keep me organized and on task.  I call my planner my brain, and I am pretty sure I would be lost without it.  I am also loving two books I am reading: Living a Life of Continue Reading