Relaxing at Massage Envy Spa


As a busy mom with three young children, finding time to slip away is as hard as using the restroom by myself.  Seriously.  You get it.  We all have been there.  Finding time to pamper myself and just enjoy some much needed quiet is a luxury that most moms, including myself, don’t often experience. Massage Envy Spa contacted me prior to our family vacation, requesting me to try out their facility and try a complimentary sports massage.  I was totally jazzed since it has been a few years since I have had a real massage. I swapped child care Continue Reading

3 Tips to Fit in Fitness


I often get asked the question, “How do you find time to fit in fitness … ?”  The answer, for me, is simply I make time for it.  I make it part of my daily routine, a habit, it is expected.  My fellow fit-mom and friend, Kelly, has a similar approach to fitting in fitness during her busy day. Last week, Kelly shared with us three ways to find time to feed your soul when life gets busy.  Today this amazing, super buff, and fitness inspiring mom of three young children is going to share with us her top three tips to fit in fitness when life gets Continue Reading

Fun at the Farm: Port Angeles, Washington

2014-07-23 15.24.26

Continuing out on with my family vacation recap to Washington… we spent the next three days in Port Angeles, Washington at my husbands brother’s farm.  The drive from Bainbridge Island was a relatively quick and painless drive.  The boys were quiet and we all enjoyed the downtime between fun-filled adventures. When we arrived to the farm, Steffen Stampede, we were welcomed by the girl cousins who we haven’t seen in four years.  Yes four stinking long years of not seeing family!  It happens.  The greeting was sweet, shy, full of love and Continue Reading

Bainbridge Island: Family Vacation

SUP in Pugent Sound

Last week, our little family loaded up the van to visit family in the Pacific Northwest.  We spent the first few days in Bainbridge Island, Washington.  The boys enjoyed playing with their cousins and making memories.  Oh what a unique experience for my city kids to enjoy the beach life of Washington state. After church on Sunday, the men (my husband and his brother-in-law, Brian) went fishing for crabs.  The kiddos and I (and my sister-in-law Kendra) enjoyed exploring the islands parks. When the men returned, it was time to prep and clean Continue Reading

3 Tips for Feeding Your Faith When Life Gets Busy


I am so excited to introduce you to my dear friend, Kelly today.  She is also known as Colorado Fit Mom and is one of my dear friends, fitness mentors and a pretty all around amazing gal!  While I am on vacation, I asked her to share with me (us – YOU) her top three tips to feed your faith when life gets busy.  Making a daily commitment to grow your faith and challenge your fitness. Hi! I'm Kelly - a wife, mom of three and Texas girl living in Colorado (10 years now!) who loves the Lord, Blue Bell ice cream and solo runs through through the Continue Reading

Ditch The Scale and Find Happiness

Ditch the scale

I am a victim to my scale.  I have a love hate relationship with it.  I love when it tells me a good number and hate it when it tells me a larger number.  Funny how a simple machine can dictate my happiness.  Today, my friend Janice will be sharing her story and experience how she ditched the scale to find happiness. Back in December 2009 I did something drastic – I threw out my scale. Frustrated with my creeping weight, I joined an online weight loss support group.  The first three things I learned from the group was: Weigh yourself Continue Reading