Spring Break Steffen Style


This past week the boys (and I) have been on spring break.  We aren’t the type of family to sit at home often, but rather we enjoy being outside and exploring.  We have spent the majority of our break exploring and playing outdoors.  This really isn’t anything new for us… but the locations were new. Hiking Camanche Reservoir – China Gulch Trail Our family enjoys hiking and exploring new-to-us trails.  We found a decent 3.5 mile hike relatively close to us… and decided to give it a go.  The hike was on an equestrian Continue Reading

Running and Racing from 2003 #tbt

2014-04-17 07.53.15

I found two old photos of me running and racing from 2003.  I was newly married and enjoyed running with a friend from church.  We have since lost contact, which is a total bummer, but the memories of our friendship and running adventures lives on.  The two photos I found were my first races as an adult (not in school running as a sport).  The above is the only race my husband has seen me run in.  I think it was our newlywed bliss and unconditional support that brought him there.  It was run in Chatham, Continue Reading

Running Slow and Finishing Strong


The past year has been an amazing running journey.  I have run more and further than I ever have.  I have overcome obstacles, grown in my physical and mental strength, and checked off many running bucket list items.  However, I firmly believe that my running and training should now take a new path.  Not only running for fun, but also learning to run more efficiently. The past month I have been running slow (for me).  I am heart rate training and running at a specific pace within a specific heart rate zone.  This is new for me.  I have dabbled Continue Reading

Bike Ride with the Boys


It was another beautiful day in northern California.  The sun was shining and we had blue skies.  I could not (and would not) do another workout inside my gym.  I absolutely had to take my workout outside… with the boys.  The workout wasn’t very intense… but the fresh air and movement gave me the needed energy and mood boost. The boys and I hit the local trails to ride bikes.  It was a slow ride (really slow).  We enjoyed taking our time and checking out the animals and scenery along the trail. We saw lots of ducks swimming in the water.  Continue Reading

Learning to be Stylish with Reebok Skyscape


The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. Spring has sprung here in northern California.  Vibrant colors of beautiful flowers and fashion forward trends can be spotted.  I have shared that I am not a fashion expert, but I do love when style and comfort collide.  This is where Reebok has stepped up to the plate to create a super cute, stylish and comfortable everyday shoe, the Skyscape. No, that cute little dude does not come with the shoes, he was equally excited to open the box to find out what Mommy got in Continue Reading

Run/Walk while Exploring Old Sacramento


It was another beautiful morning in northern California.  We had blue skies, sunshine and temperatures in the upper 70’s.  I couldn’t bare doing my MAF heart rate training on the treadmill … indoors… today.  I decided to drive to the city and explore Old Sacramento with my youngest. I am not familiar with the area, but knew there was a river walk and bike trail nearby.  We parked the van and headed towards the water.  T-man was in the jogger and my heart rate monitor was on and ready to stay in my targeted heart rate zone.  I knew that I would Continue Reading