Various Stages of a Running Mom


From a young age, I have always loved running.  Through the years, my running has evolved and changed.  As  I aged and added children to the mix of my running routine, the way I ran changed.  For me, I have celebrated and enjoyed the multiple stages as a running mom. While on running a few […]

Family, Fitness and Fun


Happy Friday Ya’ll! We are adjusting to our daily routine after returning from our camping trip at Yosemite.  Balancing family fun, homeschooling lessons, fitting in fitness and more… it is always a juggle.  Slowly but surely we are getting things done. This week Daddy is home, Yay!  This good thing is said with pause because […]

The Scoop on the Polar Loop

polar loop2

Today I am going to give you the scoop on the polar loop.  I am a Polar Ambassador and received the loop to use and track my daily activity.  I love fitness trackers and I am a huge fan of Polar products as a whole.  I have tried a variety of fitness trackers over the […]

Life as I Know It


Why is it that some days are totally AWESOME and other days totally FAIL!?  That seems to be the story of my rollercoaster life lately.  Juggling family life, homeschooling, fitness, growing my faith, and oh… trying to figure out when/how to pack for a cross country move.  Busy.  Preoccupied.  Overwhelmed.  Rocking it and flopping it.  […]

3 Tips to Fit in Fitness


I often get asked the question, “How do you find time to fit in fitness … ?”  The answer, for me, is simply I make time for it.  I make it part of my daily routine, a habit, it is expected.  My fellow fit-mom and friend, Kelly, has a similar approach to fitting in fitness […]

Ditch The Scale and Find Happiness

Ditch the scale

I am a victim to my scale.  I have a love hate relationship with it.  I love when it tells me a good number and hate it when it tells me a larger number.  Funny how a simple machine can dictate my happiness.  Today, my friend Janice will be sharing her story and experience how […]