Motivation and Planning


Happy first Monday in 2015!  Did you set any goals for the year?  How are you doing with them?  Keep trucking on and don’t give up.  Set a plan and commit to making it happen.  I have a few goals I am thinking about working towards in 2015… I just haven’t officially shared them with […]

Weekly Meal + Fitness Plan


Happy Motivate Me Monday!  Can you believe that Christmas is only 10 days away!  Seriously, where does the time go?  On that same note… there are only two and a half weeks left in 2014!  It is time to buckle up and finish this ride strong. Without further ado, below I share what I did […]

Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan #MotivateMe


Happy Monday Ya’ll!  Another week means another week for me to share with you my weekly fitness and meal plan.  I am participating in many mini-holiday accountability and motivational challenges over the next few weeks leading to the New Year.  I thrive on accountability and motivation, which is why I love sharing my weekly goal […]

5 Tips for your First Postpartum Workout

Happy FitSpirational Friday!  Today I am having Kelli from Not Your Mamas Marathon share with us 5 tips for your first postpartum workout.  She is a new mama, an avid runner, and has patiently returned to her fitness routine following these very steps. It has been a while since I have had a baby, my […]

Finding Motivation + Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan #MotivateME


Finding and maintaining the motivation and drive to reach a goal has its high moments and low moments.  I know that I struggle with staying the course, and often find the desire to give up… just as I am seeing success.  Finding motivation and accountability is key, for me,  with sticking to my health and […]

Recognizing Your Triggers


What are your triggers?  I know this may sound like a loaded question, but this is something I have been thinking a lot about lately.  A trigger is something that causes something else to happen.  We all have triggers… things that evoke emotion and cause a result that we may not always be proud of. […]