21 Day Fix


We all know that there is no simple fix or magic pill for achieving your weight loss goal.  However, with the proper tools and motivation I believe all things are possible!  Beachbody has come out with another amazing tool to help you on your health and fitness journey.  This program is called the 21 Day Fix.  It focuses on the simple fact to help make nutrition and exercise simple for you. I love all things fitness.  But on that same note I have a very close relationship with food.  My struggle is nutrition.  Even when I choose to eat Continue Reading

My Wild Monkeys


Being a boy mom x3 is always an adventure.  There is something about boys… and my three… that make even the most mundane task extraordinary and exciting.  Sometimes I feel like I must wear a cape and a mask just to do our weekly grocery shopping.  Life is an adventure with these monkeys.  Between homeschooling, training for races, working out with my husband, and just enjoying life… there is always a story to share. As any mom of young children knows… fresh air + outdoors and nature = happy children and happy mama!  We Continue Reading

Stay Organized with Office 365 Home Premium


I am a planner and love writing lists, goals, and ideas down.  I personally find that when things (dreams, goals, plans) are written down I am more able to stay on task.  I find this particularly true with my fitness goals.  I love having my entire training plan laid out before me.  My fitness for the week or even month planned and ready, all I need to do is look each day what I need to do!  Organization makes me happy. Office 365 Home Premium can be the perfect tool to help you get started and stay on track with Continue Reading

Fitness Scenes From The Week


This past week, my husband and I started the new p90x3 fitness program.  I am training to run another full marathon, LA Marathon in March.  However, this past week I have opted to keep it relatively low key to rest and heal from this chest cold I have.  I may have rested but I wasn’t still.  I did a lot of movement and working out still.  Here are a few snap shots of my fitness from this week: Monday, I did a set of two workouts.  In the morning I headed to the gym for an easy 10 minutes on the treadmill.  Continue Reading

Running and AgilityX


I am still trying to kick this chest cold.  I will be honest that this coughing (mostly at night) is wearing me out and gives me little energy during the day.  However, I am doing my best to rest, hydrate and kick this so I can resume full-on marathon training.  I started the morning with a nice and easy 5.5 mile treadmill run at the gym.  I felt great, strong, and in control.  However, I did find that my energy wasn’t there and even though it was an easy run it wasn’t as easy as it should have been. After my run I Continue Reading

Monday Motivation: Accountability

Happy first Monday of the new year!  I can totally tell that my nutrition has been slacking the past few weeks, as I have been bitten by a wicked head/chest cold.  I am combatting it by drinking gallons (not really but I sure feel like I am swimming) of water and taking control of my nutrition. My weekly dose of inspiration and motivation for you (and me) this week is to share with others your goals for living a healthy and active life.  What is your goal?  Lose weight?  Run more?  Start running?  Run faster?  Run further?  Lift Continue Reading