Run This Year 2014


I want to share with and challenge you to run this year… in 2014.  I participated loosely last year, challenging myself to run further than I have in years past.  I didn’t run 2013 miles in 2013.  Instead, I actually ran around 850 miles this past year.  I am challenging myself to run further in […]

Trying to be a Triathlete

I love running.  I love swimming.  I love biking.  Yet, I have never brought those sporting loves together at one time.  Nor have I ever competed in a triathlon.  I tend to stick to one thing and try to give 100% 80% of my effort to that one sport. I have many mega sporting goals […]

Five Must Have Fitness Apps


Like many of us, the new year brings many people wanting to get back on the health and fitness bandwagon.  Many people (myself included) have health and fitness goals.  Some health and fitness goals might include: losing weight, start running, start walking, being more active, try crossfit, join a gym (or actually use the gym […]

Quality Time Challenge


Time has been a topic that has been pressed down, shaken, and stirred around in my heart the past few days weeks months.  It always seems that I am lacking in time.  Running late.  Running behind.  Too busy. No time. I hate to admit it, but there are days when I am even too busy […]

Running a mile BAREFOOT on the treadmill for #RWrunstreak


Happy Thursday, friends!  While at the gym this morning, I decided to run an impromptu mile on the treadmill for the Runners World run streak challenge (where you run a mile a day for the duration of the challenge). I had planned on taking a pilates/yoga class at my gym to help work my core […]