Move Nourish Believe Challenge Week 1 Recap & Weekly Meal Plan

I am a SweatPink Ambassador through FitApproach.  As a member of the #sweatpink community, I am joining the Lorna Jane Move Nourish Believe Challenge for three-weeks of moving, nourishing, and believing in yourself!  What an amazing concept and challenge I can totally get behind!  I love this community!

Just because January has ended, my (and your) New Year goals should not end.
Here is to a happy, healthier 2014!

Each day through the month there is a new challenge.  Once you have completed the daily challenge, you post the photo of yourself on twitter or instagram.  There is an amazing prize to for one lucky winner to participate… and I love Lorna Jane… so I decided to throw my hat in the ring.

Lorna’s Philosophy:  MOVE her body every day.  NOURISH from the inside out.  BELIEVE in herself and that anything is possible if you work hard enough.

Monday: Favorite Way to Sweat!  My favorite way to sweat is running.  However, when I am not running I am learning to love lifting heavy things!  Lifting weights is a new favorite way to sweat for me! Who knew!?

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Tuesday: Find a New Way to Sweat!  I didn’t do the workout provided by FitApproach, instead I did a new-to-me workout called Isometrix which is in the p90x3 fitness program.  My youngest son, 4 years, decided his new way to sweat would be to perfect his skateboard techniques.

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Wednesday: Plank it Out!  I do planks a day as part of my fitness routine and training plan.  The challenge today was to do a total of 5 minutes of planks for the day… you can spread it out over the course of the day too.  Thank goodness!  Because no matter how often I do a plank… it is always a challenge!

lorna jane, move nourish believe, challenge, sweat pink, fitapproach, #movenourishbelieve, #LornaJane, #sweatpink #MNBChallenge, plank

Thursday: Workout with a Friend!  I do enjoy my solo runs and workouts… but working out with a friend can be super fun too!  I enjoyed working out with my friend, Yvonne, for a super fun and intense GPP strength workout.   As always, my workout buddies, C-P-T-DaisyDog, are always with me for a workout.

lorna jane, move nourish believe, challenge, sweat pink, fitapproach, #movenourishbelieve, #LornaJane, #sweatpink #MNBChallenge, workout with a friend family walk, feet

Friday: Favorite Fitness Finds!  I love fitness products.  I have my go to favorites and have many more favorite fitness products not listed here today.  But for this challenge, I listed the five fitness products that I used during my long run on Saturday: good running shoes (Asics currently), Garmin GPS watch, wireless headphones (Jaybird sports), Nathan hydration bottle, ProCompression socks to #keepittight. Smile

favorite fitness gear, asics, jaybird sports, wireless headphones, garmin 10, procompression, keep it tight, nathan water bottle

Last week’s focus was MOVE.  This week’s focus is NOURISH.  I love to MOVE… but I struggle with properly NOURISHING my body.  I am looking forward to this week’s challenge to focus on nutrition and nourishing my body.

That being said, here is my meal plan for the week… to help me stay organized, prepared, and on top of things… as well as to challenge me to focus on properly nourishing my body!

Monday: Small Group Bible Study – Lasagna, Salad & Garlic Bread
Tuesday: Fiesta Biscuit Casserole
Wednesday: Left Over Baked Potato Crock Pot Soup
Thursday: Hawaiian Chicken crock pot
Friday: Pizza Night!
Saturday: Breakfast for Dinner

Are you participating in the #MNBChallenge this month?
Do you menu plan your meals each week?
What is your family’s favorite meal?


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    This sounds like a fun way to mix up workouts! My household doesn’t have a favorite meal but we’re getting there. I recently started purchasing higher quality (grass-fed, humane) cuts of meat and my husband is learning to grill them. It sounds simple but it’s a great bonding experience. We also exercise together when schedules permit, like going indoor rock climbing together or sometimes on a trail run.

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