Future Fun Race Plans for 2014

I am three weeks away from running my second full marathon.  I am super excited about the LA Marathon.  Yet looking forward to the remainder of the year and my running goals, I find myself planning for future fun races in 2014.  Most of them lower key, lower mileage, with a focus of fun.

It occurred to me today I'm not running to lose weight! I'm running for my own happiness. And of course to stay healthy! Running makes me happy!!!

April – I was hoping to run a color me rad run with my son this month, but it appears that they are no longer coming to Sacramento.  Which is a bummer, because he and I were really looking forward to doing a color run together.  Perhaps I will sign the boys up to run a fun Zoo Zoom style race.  They have been asking when they can race again.  There is a local half marathon that it super flat and fast.  I am tempted to run it.  But it all depends on how I feel post LA Marathon.

May –  On May 3rd I will be running my first adventure style muddy race.  I will be running the Pretty Muddy.  It is a girls only, mud filled race with obstacles.  It sounds like a dirty, fun, good time with girlfriends to me!  Anyone in the Sacramento area want to get dirty with me?

pretty muddy

June – I am heading to Napa Valley as a Zooma Ambassador to run a half marathon.  I am super excited to be running in this race series, as well as challenging myself to not only have fun but also try to zoom on my run!  Again, I would LOVE to run with you and meet you if you are wanting to run this race!  Use code: NAMB9 !  That is good for 10% off either distance, it expires on 6/25/14.


I don’t have any race plans for the summer.  That isn’t to say that it won’t happen.  It is just that at this moment, I am keeping it open.  Who knows where our family will be traveling, vacationing, or exploring during these months.  I am sure we will be busy and active all the same.

I really want to run Ragnar Relay Napa Valley in September again.  That is a great race program, and I loved running the relay with my girlfriends!

I am thinking about running the Urban Cow half marathon in October here in Sacramento.  Who knows.  Maybe set a PR… or use it in preparation for another endurance event?

What races are you looking forward to challenging yourself with this year?
Anyone local want to run Pretty Muddy or Zooma with me?


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      Yay! I need to look into the Run or Dye race in March. There was SUPPOSED to be a Color Me Rad 5k in April… but it is no longer on the website. Bummer.

      My oldest (8) really wants to do a fun color run with me. :) Perhaps I will see you at one of our local running events! :)

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    We don’t have Pretty Muddy near us, but I’m thinking of doing Zooma on the Cape this fall. It’s probably only a little over an hour drive from me so it’s convenient. My challenges this year will be running my first ever half marathon and my first Tough Mudder (TM is first, in late May).

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    Too bad the race was cancelled. Your son would have loved it & it would have been a great experience to share! I am hoping to do a color or mud race this summer too. Right now I have a marathon (June 1) and a 50K (Sept. 6) on my radar.

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    Have so much fun running LA! I was hoping to spectate but I have another race that day. I also am hoping to get a team together for Ragnar Napa unless I decide to do a fall marathon but Ive never done a full before so thats all very hypothetical.

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    Good luck in the LA Marathon! I like your plan to balance the harcore races with fun races too – it helps to keep running fun and not work. Run or Dye is the day before my oldest’s 9th birthday so she has asked to have a Run or Dye birthday party. Our family and two other families will be doing the 5k together followed by a pool party at our house. I’m really looking forward to it!

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    That’s great! I can’t wait to run with my girls! I’m running my first full marathon this year which is super exciting. It’s turning out to be a big race year for me because I keep adding them. 😉 Good luck in all of yours.


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