Fitting it ALL In

The past few days have been wicked busy.  Between social activities, fitting in fitness, homeschool lessons and more… we are often left with more things to do than time in the day.  With less than 5 weeks away from the LA Marathon, getting the miles in and fitting in the training is key for me.  Yet, learning and applying the what you can when you can mentality is also a priority.

Yesterday I had a fun 2×3 mile repeats and really wanted to take it to the trail with the boys.  However, our adventure running the trail (them biking) last week left them with flat tires because they went off roading more than staying on the trail.  Which means I had to take my running to the treadmill.  Yuck.

I was thankful for The Queen Latifa Show to entertain me while running.  I was also thankful for my koss headphones providing quality sound and fit while pounding away on the treadmill.

running wod, 2x3 miles at gmrp

Speaking of Koss.  Do you remember when I included the Koss Fit Series in my Holiday Gift Guide back in December?  Well, I have some awesome news for you if you didn’t get a pair for yourself in your stocking!  From the FitFluential Campaign I took part of, for a limited time only, all models and colors are available now at Walgreens for only $19.99!  Great fitting head phones for a great price!

After a busy afternoon, evening of Awanas, late night bedtime and more… I was up the majority of the night trying to convince my 4 year old that he indeed needed to sleep in his own bed.  Not mine.  Yawn.  I think around 3am he finally decided that he would sleep on the floor near my bed.  Parenting win?  Yawn.

The morning arrived too quickly, and mama needed coffee.  The boys and I attempted to do some school before heading out to my Mommy Bible study group… but my desire for coffee won out.  Starbucks it was… and lessons could wait.

mama needs coffeestarbucks coffee, happy

After coffee, brunch, a great lesson and reminder to reconnect with your spouse… the boys and I headed back home for lunch and more lessons.  Teaching multiplication, telling time on analogue clocks, reading, letter sounds, and more was on the agenda for today.

Changing up our scenery, we headed out to the local library for our weekly visit to check out books.  I love how the boys love to read and find new books.  Even though most weeks they check out the same type of books: Star Wars, Army/War, Thomas the Trail and/or Fire trucks.  At least they are consistent.

2014-02-06 17.44.51

After the library we headed to the gym (again because the bikes had flat tires and it was raining… so no park play).  My workout was pretty easy.  I did a 1 mile warm up run on the treadmill.  I then worked on my double unders and attempted 100 double unders (that took a while).  Afterwards, I took it outside to do 100 walking lunges.  My coach, Tiffany, loves the walking lunges.

Once home again, we ate snacks (always eating!) and finished our lessons for the day.  I plugged in a movie, Meet The Robinsons so the boys could rest.  I love the theme of this movie, keep moving forward.  Even when you fail… you will succeed if you keep trying!  And apparently this movie was so motivating that the tiny man, who was up all night, decided to snuggle in and take a rest on Mama’s shoulder.  sigh

2014-02-06 17.23.16-2

Tonight my husband and I have p90x3 Dynamix.  I am enjoying this recovery transition week.  Lots of core, balance, and flexibility work.  Plus reconnecting with him and enjoying doing something together (that doesn’t involve the kids) is a perk too.

Amidst all the busy-ness, the household chores have been neglected.  I must tackle the laundry, dishes, dust bunnies and more.  Learning to do what I can when I can is a struggle and journey I am on.  Snuggling with the Tman on the couch instead of doing chores was more important today.

Life and the constant juggle of stuff to do. Messy.  Ugly.  Loud.  Love.

How do you fit in fitness with your children home?
Do you have a gym membership or workout at home?
Do you find running OUTSIDE or TREADMILL easier?
Do you have a cleaning schedule that works for you – this mama could use the help!

*Disclosure: I was compensated for mentioning the sale on Koss Fit Series FitBuds and FitClips at Walgreens because I am participating in a campaign as a FitFluential Ambassador.


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    For the past two months, I have been replacing my running routine with an at home workout to test if it is a better fit for me, but I think I’ll be fitting in running again once my Focus T25 program is complete. I can run both outside and indoors but it’s very season dependent… it’s hard for me to motivate a run outside in the winter because of the cold and shorter daylight hours.

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    I have 2 little guys at home (almost 4 yrs & 2 yrs) and I do preschool with them, probably not as intense as homeschool for older kids. I don’t fit everything in! The laundry is sky high right now, and luckily my husband is awesome and did the dishes all morning before he went to work (I’m very lucky!). I need a cleaning schedule too. I don’t remember the last time I mopped :/
    As for fitting in fitness, that one I definitely make time for. I have a treadmill and a bike trainer in my house, along with weights, so I do it all at home or outside. I workout during “quiet time” (naptime for you youngest) or after they go to bed. Mornings unfortunately don’t work for me right now. I love running outside, but in MT it’s a little bit freezing (-40 yesterday), so the treadmill is a MUST.

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    When I was a SAHM and trying to do everything, I worked myself into a frenzy on a daily basis. I found and she has this crazy awesome tool called a “Control Journal” and she breaks the house into “zones” and really teaches that you are never behind, you can only do what you can and to love yourself in the process. I loved that I could get email reminders to change over the laundry and start thinking about what was for dinner.
    I need to get back to using her methods even though I now work outside the home. The system is fully customizable to your needs.
    Check it out, if you have a minute. It really saved my sanity in those at home years- it brought me out of a major depression too!

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    I’ve always been an outdoor runner, easier to not get distracted like I do on a treadmill. I guess I’m less aware of how far I’ve gone.

    I work full time so the housework certainly takes a backseat some days (especially to some snuggling).

    So grateful for this rain!

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