Crazy Week. Crazy Training Plan. Meal & Fitness Plan.

Happy Monday.  We had a whirl wind of crazy fun this summer.  Our routines and schedule went out the window and we just rolled with each day’s activities.  It was fun.  It was chaotic.  There was little structure and routine.  However, summer is drawing to a close and it is time to get our routine back.

This week the boys will be easing back into their school routine.  We resume homeschooling this week.  I have been planning, preparing, and getting organized the past few weeks.  Now it is time to put that plan into action.  I will be sharing what we do for homeschooling later in the week.

But for now, I am going to share with you my weekly menu and fitness plan.  My training plan is specified to help prepare me for my fall race schedule: Ragnar Relay, Rock N Roll half marathon, and my first full marathon.  There is lots of running, strength training, and functional movements to help me run healthy, happy and injury free.

Got my big girl panties ON

I am pulling up my big girl panties, and sharing with you my meal and fitness plan to help hold me accountable.  There will be (and are) some days when I just want to eat junk… or not workout… but sharing with YOU helps me keep pressing forward.

Dinner – chicken crock pot
Fitness – T25 TBC + 4×400; 200 walking lunges; 20 good mornings; 5×5 deadlifts

Dinner – sloppy joes
Fitness – T25 Ab Int + 4 easy miles; 20 back ext; 60 sit-ups; 3×5 negative pull-ups

Dinner – baked potato soup
Fitness – T25 TBC + 6×800; planks, 4 hollow rocks; 5×5 b squats

Dinner – tuna melt
Fitness – T25 cardio; shoulder press 5×5 + AMRAP WOD

Dinner – Pizza
Fitness – T25 TBC + LF; 4 mile tempo; 4 hollow rocks; 20 back ext

Dinner – BBQ
Fitness – 6 easy miles

Just for fun, check back here later this afternoon for a photo collage of my workouts from last week.  Each photo will share the WOD (workout of the day) if you are wanting something to spice up your fitness routine.

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      Thanks! Yes, the workout plan is just abbreviations from my training plan. :) T25 is a fitness dvd I am doing. The rest of the terms are pretty much on the running plan :)

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