How to Start Running

how to start running

Running is very therapeutic for me.  I love running.  However, not everyone has the same feeling about running as I do.  Many have asked me where to begin and how to start running.

Just like a small child we must first walk before we can run.  And while walking is a great exercise, if you are wanting to challenge your physical and mental strength, you may be ready for a new cardio challenge – running.

I have shared a very simple step-by-step guide to help you start your journey to become a runner.  Click on over to 42DaystoFit to read the full article on how to start running.


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    I actually think we get out of the habit of running as we grow up. When you’re a child you don’t need any encouragement to run, you just love to do it. So it is a case of rekindling that love.

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