What I Ate Wednesday

I am not a foodie blogger.  Nor do I pretend to be one every once and a while when I join other foodie bloggers on the what I ate Wednesday blog hop.  However, what I am is a mom who is still trying to figure her way through healthy eating for herself and for her family.

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Here are a few items that have been my family’s favorite as well as my own favorite items that we have eaten the past few days:
FRS Healthy Energy.  I was sent a sample of this product a few months ago, and I am still a fan.  There are some days (many of them lately) where I need the afternoon pick-me-up and I have been grabbing my FRS to give me some healthy energy.
*  The boys and I have been enjoying snacking on the goodies that were included in our NatureBox this month.  Yummy!
*  We are huge fans of using our Vitamix blender for morning smoothies.  I love that I can easily and quickly blend a handful or two of spinach into our smoothie and the boys (and I) cannot taste the healthy goodness!
*  As a FitFluential Ambassador, last week I was sent a bottle of Vitafusion MultiVites to review.  I am working on my review… but I can honestly say that these vitamins are super yummy and taste like gummy bears!
*  The last two photos (on the bottom right) are two recipes I created from the Everyday Paleo book.  It is the meatloaf and the egg cupcakes.  BOTH recipes were SUPER yummy and a HUGE hit with the kids and myself!  Who knew healthy eating tasted so good!?
Perhaps one day I will become a foodie… and you will be visiting Running Rachel for not only my daily going-ons with family, faith and fitness… but also with yummy food!  Yum. I like food!

What are some of your favorite food items that you are eating lately?


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