Family Fun Hiking Folsom Lake

I have mentioned many times before that my boys (and I) love nature and the great outdoors.  There is something magical about fresh air, exercise and space.  It makes us all very happy and at peace.

We love hiking.  We love the great outdoors.  We love exploring new places and spaces.

After church on Sunday, I convinced my husband that we needed a family day and to head out to nature (not an urban hike) to explore.  We decided to drive 45 minutes to Folsom Lake and explored the Sterling Pointe Trail.

family hike

We didn’t do the entire route, but ended up hiking 1.5 miles and exploring and climbing many large rocks.  The boys had a blast fighting imaginary bad guys and mountain lions (thank goodness those were imaginary also).

rock exploring rock climbing rock climbing

They enjoyed throwing rocks in the lake as well as stopping every other bend for a snack break.

rock throwing snack break

The boys (and Mommy & Daddy) had a great time enjoying the cooler temperatures, nature, and outdoor space.

family hike, folsom lake

This afternoon adventure really made us miss living in the country and helped us realize that we need more space. Who knows what God has in store for us in our future… but I am hoping it includes lots of outdoor fun, nature, and space to explore and play!

Do you and your family like to hike?
What are your family’s favorite activities to do together?

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