Family and Handstand Fun in Tahoe

Happy (day late) handstand Friday from Tahoe!  My family and I went and enjoyed the cooler temperatures of Tahoe this weekend.  Keeping with tradition, I made sure to do my handstands for my handstand challenge.

Shortly after arriving to our campsite, the boys and I needed to stretch our legs before setting up camp.  I let the boys climb the massive rocks and I busted out a few handstands.  Nothing like saying, “We are here! Crazy loud family with lots of boys and a wacky woman doing handstands!” Good thing Tahoe is used to crazy!

handstand at tahoe

I am not sure if it was the long drive, fresh mountain air or the high altitude… but it seemed to make my already silly boys a bit more goofy!

silly brothers

Thank goodness they are always up for adventure and were willing to explore the beach by our campsite.  The water was freezing… but that didn’t stop them from getting wet and playing.  They were in their element wading in the water, chasing birds, and building sand castles.  A little boys heaven.

boys at the beach

I had to take advantage of the moment and do a handstand (or two) on the beach.  Did you know that doing a handstand on dry-loose SAND is SO CHALLENGING!!  Oh my goodness, I was having the hardest time getting my balance due to the uneven sand (hands sinking and moving).  But I did it, handstand on the beach on a Friday in Tahoe.

handstand on sand 6/28/13

The boys (big and small) and I enjoyed climbing and exploring the massive boulders near our camp site.  We found many hide outs and even a cool looking cave.  If I were a bear I would totally live in it… but I am thankful a bear was NOT occupying that space at that moment.  Of course, we also enjoyed making and eating smores. 

boulders and boysfamily camping

It was a quick trip.  I have decided that the boys are fantastic campers during the hours of 6AM through 9PM. However, sleeping in a tent next to each other isn’t always the easiest or most restful.  Le Sigh

I think we might need to invest in a bigger tent.  I think we need to figure out a way to patch the hole in our mattress (ouch).  I think we need to go camping for more than one night.  I think we are going to be doing this again very soon. 

south lake tahoe

Lake Tahoe was beautiful.  We had beautiful weather.  The people were super friendly.  This is definitely some place I want to go hiking, camping and exploring again… with my wild crew of adventurers.  I am super thankful to have a handy (adventure loving) husband who loves the great outdoors too… who is always up for the challenge of camping, hiking and exploring with our crew.  Love outdoor family time.

Do you and your family camp, hike, or enjoy the outdoors together? 
Did you hang out upside down this week for handstand Friday?



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