Handstand Friday and Motherhood Reflections

Happy handstand Friday… and early happy Mother’s Day to you special Mommies out there!  I am late posting my handstand Friday photo this week because well honestly… I forgot to take it.  I have been focusing on rest and recovery (trying to kick this sinus/head/chest cold) that I completely spaced on this fun challenge.

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Today the boys and I have spent the majority of our day outside exploring, enjoying, and playing. I forgot how much fun life can be when there is no expectations, no time restraints or restrictions, and we can just freely be, do and enjoy the day!

We explored a nearby park and checked out baby ducks, turtles, and of course fought bad guys (and protected princesses).  We also had to practice our handstands too!  After all it is handstand Friday!


I have been impressed by the boys handstand improvement.  My oldest is holding his position longer … and my two younger boys are actually getting up off the ground.  Even if it is for but a moment.  The two younger boys donkey kick their way up in the air.  While my oldest (and myself) do the walking approach to get into position.

donkey kick, handstand friday, handstand friday

handstand friday, runningrachelhandstand friday, runningrachel

I have eluded to the fact that children need to run free to roam and play.  I am finding the same to be true for this Mommy.  One of the main reasons I love to run… and do handstands… is because it reminds me of my youth.  My ability to be care free and just enjoy the daily activities that life throws my way.

Viewing the world upside down, even for a fleeting moment, can give new perspective.  Running (no matter how fast or slow) and cherishing the wind in your face gives me great happiness.  When I let go of all my expectations (adult given) and just be… I find my happy place. 

my boys runningrachelrunningrachel boys

When my boys are happy… Mommy is happy.  When Mommy is happy… the boys are happy.  When WE are happy… this makes for a very HAPPY HAPPY Mother’s day (and birthday) for me!

Happy Mother’s Day!
What makes YOU happy?  Where is your happy place?



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