What To Pack for a Ragnar Relay Race

This weekend, I am going to be embarking upon an epic adventure with hundreds of other crazy runners.  I will be crossing off one of my fitness bucket list items.  I will be meeting two of my favorite fitness mom bloggers.  I am totally jazzed.  I will be running Ragnar Relay So. Cal.

I will be running from Los Angeles to San Diego.  Myself and 11 other runners will be running 200+ miles over the course of 24 hours.  It is going to be wicked crazy and so much fun!  See… we runners be crazy!

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The biggest hurdle for me has been What to pack for a ragnar relay race!  I have never participated in a race of this epic adventure before!  Thankfully the web is full of information, and I have had a bunch of friends who are Ragnar Pros who have guided me on what to pack.

I am super thankful for their words of wisdom and am sharing with you what I am packing in my bag.  Of course, this is my first time packing for this event… and I am sure after experience I will be able to fine tune it for the next time! (Eek! I am already talking like there will be a next time!)

Packing for a Ragnar Relay is like packing and preparing for a weekend destination race.  You need to plan the essentials for your time away from home… while remembering everything for your race.  Also, it is important to remember that you will be running not only ONE race… but technically THREE!

Ziplock bags and Scented Fabric sheets are your best friend.

Separate your running clothes in individual large zip lock bags.  I have my running outfits separated by my legs (1, 2, 3).  Remember to pack underwear (if you don’t run commando), sports bras, socks, shirt and shorts for each leg.  No one wants to sit next to a sweaty, stinky Betty!

Place fabric sheets inside your zip lock bags.  This will help keep the stinky, sweaty funk at bay!  You and your van mates will be thankful you thought ahead of time!  Funky smell is no fun!

zip lock bags and fabric softener sheets

Safety Is Key

One of the biggest things my husband is concerned about is my personal safety while running this race.  I am thankful that Ragnar and the experienced runners have shared many must have items needed to run safe.  Because one of my legs (chances are my 10 miler) will be run at night… I have purchased and packed night running safety gear.

I have separated my night running gear in its own zip lock bag for easy grab and go.  I have my night time running vest, head lamp, tail light, and flash light (so I can read my map and shine light on any critters while running).  And yes, a fabric sheet is in this bag… for good measure!

safety is key, night time running safety gear

Nutrition For on the Go

Because I am flying in to LA for this race, I will be shopping with my van mates for our van’s food when we arrive.  However, I didn’t want to risk not having anything just in case we ran out of time.  I again packed my snacks and fuel in separate zip lock bags.  I packed my running fuel in its own bag.  I think packed my bars and snacks in a separate bag.

nutrition for runners

Prepare for Little to NO Sleep

Everyone I have talked to has shared that I need to be prepared to run on little to no sleep.  As a mom, I am a professional walking sleep deprived zombie.  However, running this many miles over the course of a weekend will be a new adventure for me.

I am packing a blanket that I can use to cover myself if cold, sit on if sweaty/stinky, or roll and use as a pillow.  Since I am flying in to the race, I don’t have much room to pack a sleeping bag and more gear for this.

Also packed away in my luggage is a sleep mask.  You know… just in case I do want to attempt to fall asleep.

sleeping bag for ragnar, blanket, pillow

Remember Personal Hygiene Items

Yes it is a race.  Yes we are athletes.  Yes we are all lovers of a good sweat fest.  However, we will all be sitting in the same van for 24+ hours… cranky from lack of sleep… hunger… and muscles aching.  The last thing we need to worry about is emanating a funky smell.

Baby wipes are a must for the quick wipe down after a run.  I am planning on bringing some extra ShowerPill wipes I have left over.  Besides my personal hygiene items (deodorant, toothbrush, contacts, etc), I encourage you to bring ibuprofen, rollers, and other items that will ease any muscle/body aches.  I am packing Arnica.

Body Glide or similar anti chaffing product… and lots of it!  Also any anti blister gear (or products) would be super helpful!  Nothing like a bad case of chafe or a wicked blister on your first leg to set a negative precedence on the remaining two runs.

Dependable, Comfortable FLASHY Running Shoes

The past few weeks, I have been super blessed to have received two of Saucony’s latest running shoes.  I have run in the Virrata and now the Kinvara 4.  I am packing and excited to run my first Ragnar Relay in my Saucony Kinvara 4!  I am going to Find My Strong and Kickassimus while running in these great kicks.

kinvara4, saucony, findyourstrong, find your strong, kickassimus, #findyourstrong, #kickassimus

The Kinvara 4 are redesigned with a FlexFilm upper for better form and piston like traction to keep you moving forward, faster!  It is the perfect balance of light-weight and durability that will keep you running strong, whether you are at mile 3 or 23! (Or in my case… your first leg or your third!)

kickassimus, saucony, kinvara4, findyourstrongsaucony, kinvara4, kinvara 4, kickassimus, findyourstrong, find your strong, run fast, god speed,

I love the flashy color and night safety reflectors on the shoes.  This made my running shoe of choice for this race a no brainer!  Safety and FUN all boiled down into one amazing shoe!

The FlexFilm maintains a secure upper fit on the shoe while allowing the foot to breathe.  The decoupled and beveled heel helps create a smoother transition at heel/midfoot strike.  A shoe that helps you with your running gait!  Winning!

The traction on these shoes are great!  They have upgraded these shoes with power grid!  It has a piston effect that provides superb underfoot cushioning.

I have run in these shoes the past few weeks, and I am in love.  They totally activate my kickassimus when running!  They are flashy.  They are fast.  They are fun!  I know that other Ragnarians will see this mother runner coming from a distance… because I will run fast in these kickassiumus kicks!

What are your must have items to pack for a relay race?
Any advice for this newbie Ragnarian!?

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  1. says

    Good Luck! I was going to do my first Ragnar Relay race this February but it fell on my husbands and I 20th anniversary. I am so looking forward to next February for the race!

  2. Stephanie Perlberg says

    Looks like you are ready!!! Don’t forget the Advil for sore legs =) Have an amazing time – you will be counting down to the next Ragnar because it will be so much fun! Cannot wait to watch your updates!

  3. Tammy Eisenbarth says

    Looks like you have everything. Throw some ear plugs In Your bag with the mask also. They saved me both yrs from snoring runners!!!! No joke!
    You will love it!!!! And just remember to have fun!

  4. says

    Good post! I’m spending m day packing for Ragnar Niagara and it’s always helpful to read posts about packing planning. This will be my third so I’ve learned so much from those experiences. Will be blogging a similar post later today. I hope your Ragnar experience went great!

  5. says

    This is GREAT advice! I really, really, really, REALLY want to run a Ragnar relay. Timing and finances have never worked out quite right. Maaaaaybe this year! I’ll keep these tips in mind!
    RFC recently posted..Scare Tactics.


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