New Race. New Plan.

Now that Ragnar So. Cal is complete… it is time to shift my focus on training for my next race.  I have learned a lot about myself as a runner, athlete, and person from this past weekend’s adventure.  I am also challenged by the fact that I can do, run, and accomplish so much more than I am giving myself credit for. I can run faster.  I can run further.  I can do this!

I am revamping my training plan for my next race (on May 19th).  It will be my sixth half marathon.  I am hoping that I will set a new personal best… beating the record I set last month at the Shamrock Half in Sacramento!

creating a training plan

While sitting poolside and enjoying my recovery day from Ragnar, I began mapping out my plan of attack for the next race.  I will be running my next half marathon in Lodi, California: Running of the Vines. It is supposed to be a relatively flat and easy course (so they say).

There won’t be many hills to tackle, like I experienced this past weekend.  There will be heat!  There will be the extra challenge of coming off of an endurance race and resuming training so quickly.  But I am ready.

I have decided to try the Run Faster, Run Less training plan method.  Of course, I am picking up the plan with only four weeks to go. But… so far so good (this coming from the gal who has only completed ONE of the prescribed workouts on the plan – speed work).

I detest speed work.  It hurts.  It is hard.  But in order to run faster I need to do speed work.  So… speed work and tempo runs I shall.  Who knows, I am hopeful I will be successful with this plan and be happy with my race results in four short weeks!

New Race. New Plan. New Personal Best!?

Do you create your own race/training plans or do you follow a set method?

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    I take some pre-designed plans (usually from Hal Higdon) and modify them based on my upcoming schedule, plans, goals for a race. I love his plans overall though.

    Speedwork is definitely key – I’ve been doing it some here and there (last fall) but have done it (HARD) every week for the last 2 months and I can see how much it’s making a difference. My goal race is on Sunday, so we’ll see just HOW much of a difference it’s made, but I know it’s there.

    Looking forward to following along with your training!

    SPA Love <3
    Megan recently posted..#BostonStrongATH – Athens, Georgia

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      Awesome! I KNOW that in order to get BETTER (improve) at something you need to actually DO it (practice makes progress right?). So… it has come to sucking it up and working on speedwork… to get faster! :)

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    I am on week 3 of C25K. If I had to come up with my own plan, I would never ever for all the money in the world ever run or jog. Honestly, I detest it! I’m hoping that will change but if the last 30 years of my life are any indication, I will probably never love running. LOL! I do it because it makes me feel good (when I’m done) and it’s a great workout.
    Carrie recently posted..25 Random Things About Me

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    No rest for the weary, right Rachel! Glad to hear that you had a great time at Ragnar with Fit Mom. We were out last night for a run (a very slow one for both of us!).
    I usually follow a tried and true plan for each race except for my full coming up. I’ve had to fly by the seat of my pants after losing weeks to injury and illness. But so far it’s going well and is less than a month away.
    Leslie recently posted..Motivational Monday: Be Yourself

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      Yay! Thanks for stopping by! :) Fit Mom is such a classy woman! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her!

      Yikes! You have a full coming up! Good luck… stay healthy and injury free :)

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