Wordless Wednesday: Super Day. Super Heroes. Super Fun.

Word on the street is when Daddy is away… the boys and Mommy will play!  We have been enjoying beautiful weather in northern California.  The boys and I have been spending the majority of our time outside.  We exercise outside.  We play outside.  We even do school outside.

my super heroesthree little super heroes

Who knew that homeschooling could be so fun!?  We enjoyed recess, creative writing, and even our physical education all while wearing Super Hero attire.  There was running, fighting, chasing, falling, laughing, and most importantly… saving the girl (Mommy!).

super heroes to the rescue

Oh how being a boy mom is SO MUCH FUN!  What a Super Day.  Super Fun.  Full of my Super Heroes!


  1. Melanie Longacre says

    I’m so jealous that you can do school outside in March! Here in Maryland the weather’s nice for March, but 50 is not warm enough for much school outside.

    I must tell you though that I have been inspired by your runs with your boys. My hubby is out of town this week and that left me either with no runs or runs with 4 kiddos in tow. With a 5K Saturday I didn’t want to not run all week. So today the 3 bigs put on their helmets and got out their bikes and the little one and I drug out the jogging stroller that I haven’t used in years! We went 3.1 miles! It’s was much easier for me to keep going when my little human motivators were telling me it wasn’t time to stop yet. It’s funny how those miles go by faster when there are so many distractions!

    Thanks for the motivating posts! I look forward to them each time I see one!

    • says

      Awesome job!! I am SO inspired by YOU and YOUR run!! Other mother runners are SUCH a motivator for me!! I feel your pain! :) Kudos on your run! My husband is out of town on business this week too… and I struggled with balancing working out (with sick kiddos) and following the training plan… or just go out and get my sweat on.

      Woot!! Great job Melanie!! :)

  2. says

    I love it! I homeschool my kids too, though my boys’ are a wee bit older than yours. They used to have a stockpile of dress up clothes. To me that was one of the precious memories of homeschooling. They could be themselves with no pressure. So when they were nine years old and jumping on the trampoline in a Power Ranger outfit or sword fighting in capes like knights in the front yard, there was no one to tell them that they were being silly. They don’t dress up anymore on a daily basis but they’re sporting superhero socks.

    Great pics!
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