Sneaky Stinker and The Fairy HobMother

What is it about potty learning and my children finding the need to sneak and hide while they go about doing their sneaky stinky business?

stinky sneaker

As a mom we know it is coming. We can smell the warnings.  We can see it on their guilty cute little face.  We even have it mapped down to the time of day.  Why must they fight and sneak off?  Couldn’t the business be done easier while sitting on the toilet… quietly… on their own.

My youngest, newly 3 years old, is the ultimate sneaky stinker.  He is perfectly content hanging out in soiled drawers

Today he decided to wear big boy underwear… successfullyALL.DAY.LONG!  Then he proceeded to ask to wear a diaper and POOF (or POOP).  He decides to hide under the train table to do his business.

Sneaky little stinker.  I could smell that cutie across the house.  Why must be be so sneaky?

Oh how I long for the warmer days of summer so potty learning can be done completely outside… without fear of ruining the carpet in the house.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Fairy HobMother, sponsored by Appliances Online, is another sneaky one, but — unlike the sneaky stinker – this kind of sneakiness is fun for everyone else!

This sneaky fairy might have been intimidated by my handstands or my Mommy influence.  I am not sure.  Either way, the HobMother gifted me with a very surprising but welcomed Amazon gift card.

If you want a visit and a present from the HobMother Fairy, a comment on this post is all that’s required. The fairy will browse through the comments and then pick someone to visit!  Have fun!!!!!!!!

Disclosure: I was gifted an Amazon card from the Appliances Online Fairy Hobmother.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own.  I am not conducting a giveaway for the Fairy Hobmother… s/he will be picking and contacting anyone chosen to receive an Amazon giftcard.


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      Haha! I know right!? Perhaps gravity helps them? Or they are scared of falling in the toilet? No clue. But ALL my children have gone through this phase. :)

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