Learning to Run Fast

Happy Monday!  Last night, I shared an intimate post where my children were trying to get a message across to me.  I needed to shift my focus.  Just like shifting my focus away from something (healthy or unhealthy) … I am shifting my training focus on something else.  I am learning to run fast.

keep calm and run fast

My next big adventure and road race is just a few four weeks away.  I will be running with six other bloggers and we will be part of a team running in the Ragnar Relay So. Cal Race Series

I want to run faster… so I am going to have to learn to run faster.  To learn to run faster… I am going to have to run faster.  Run faster Mommy!  Do you see the cycle of events that I am having to do!?

I love this image that Saucony shared on PinterestYou don’t get better at running hills, by walking them!  This is so true!  You have to DO the thing you are wanting to improve upon… to improve!  I must run faster to run fast!

you don't get better at running hills by walking them #findyourstrong

I am super proud of my personal best that I accomplished (while running sick) two weeks ago at the ShamROCK’n halfmarathon in Sacramento.  I learned that I am stronger than my brain said I was.  I am able to do more than I can now.  I need to challenge that limit.  I also want to succeed and reach my fitness goals… and I need to increase my speed in order for those goals to be reached.

I am tackling my speed goal by running my regular training runs faster.  I am still running at a comfortable pace (about a 6-8 on the difficulty level).  I call them comfortably challenging.  Challenging enough to finish the distance set out for me… but not too easy to sing and dance while running.

@Saucony #virrata 0mm drop #running shoes @RunningRachel@RunningRachel learning to run fast

This past Saturday, I set out to meet my husband and the boys at the gym.  I laced up my Saucony 0mm drop minimalist Virrata running shoes… and ran fast.  I ran the 3.5 miles to the gym at a comfortably challenging pace.  I could have run faster… but I tried to run consistent with a negative split.  I succeeded.  I was super proud of myself!

I really do not have any training plan set for this week… besides RUN, MOVE, LIFT and be ACTIVE.  When I do run, I want to run fast.  When I do lift, I want to lift heavy.  I want to be active and on the move WITH my children.  Feel free to follow my training on daily mile to see what I end up doing (and my pace improvements over time) this week.

What is on your training plan this week? 
What fitness goals do you have? 

How do you map out a plan for success to reach your fitness goals?


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    I’m right there with you! Just getting into the “run fast” game, vs. the “complete this distance” one. I just set some mile, 5K, and 10K goals for myself, and hope to work on hitting them one by one. One little perk about speed training, vs. distance training, is that it takes much less time!
    Kim @ HealthyNest recently posted..Monday detox and new goals

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    I admire you! I hate running. Just do. I am running in my first run on April 6th. The Color Me Rad 5k. I have had so many things keep me from training, even exercising so I’ll be doing more walking than running. My goal is to just do it (finish it). The last time I ran, almost 3 weeks ago, now the best I can do is 1.5 miles without stopping. The weather has been rainy and cold, and snowing here, right now. So no running for me outside. I do believe with adrenalin, I can push running 2 miles straight, so at least I can run/walk/run most of it. I truly don’t think I’ll ever enjoy running, though (especially at my age). :)
    Donna recently posted..Carrie Diaries Jackson Pollock Inspired DIY Splatter Bag

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    Great job!! When I map out a plan for fitness success I consider the goal – usually for me it’s to run a particular distance faster. I then embark upon a training plan that has phases: Phase 1 helps me to develop the endurance to run that distance, phase 2 maintains that endurance while building the strength (weights, hill repeats) I need to next work on my power (speed), the final phase focuses on speed (plyometrics, bounding exercises and speed repeats), again while maintaining my endurance, then I spend the week before the race allowing my body to recover from the past 12 weeks of training, so that I can run my race on fresh, strong, fast legs. I’m sure you are only just beginning to realize your full running potential.
    Janice – Fitness Cheerleader recently posted..The Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women’s Cancers #WEWCTO

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    The concept of running faster seems so simple, yet I find myself trotting along at a normal easy pace all the time. Love this post. Good luck with your speed training! Hopefully you will inspire this slow one to take it up a notch.
    Julie M recently posted..Am I A Morning Person?

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