Handstand Friday!

Happy Handstand Friday! Each week in the year 2013 I have challenged myself, and you, to attempt and do a handstand.  I thought it would be super fun to photo document the year and the handstand progression.  We are only a few weeks into the year, and I have already noticed considerable amount of strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility with my handstand attempts.

keep calm and do a handstand

I am still feeling a bit under the weather and battling this wicked head/chest cold.  However, I was not going to miss the opportunity to hang out upside down for handstand Friday!  I had two little volunteers offer to take my handstand photos this week. 

Handstand Friday via @RunningRachel

Sometimes my photographers are not the best at capturing the perfect moment for peak handstand photos.  Sometimes the catch me while mid-walking on my hands in an attempt to keep upside down.  While other times they simply just capture the ground or other object that is not mommy.

#handstandFriday @RunningRachel 3/22/13#handstandFriday @RunningRachel 3/22/13

If you check out these two cropped handstand photos of me… you can tell that I am actually doing a one handed handstand!  Of course, I am mid walk trying to maintain my balance upside down.. but that counts, right?

#handstandFriday @RunningRachel 3/22/13#handstandFriday @RunningRachel 3/22/13
I think my personal favorite handstand photo is the one that my three year old captured.  It was actually the one handstand where I held a perfect position for (what felt like) ten solid seconds!  I was confident that he would get the shot!  I am not sure what this is even a photo of!

three year old behind the camera

Did you do your handstand today? 

I would love for you to join me with my upside down fun challenge!!  Link up below, send a shout out on instagram, twitter, or facebook that you are playing along! I LOVE seeing your photos for #HandstandFriday!


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      Thanks! My seven year old is getting better at capturing the moment… and I am getting stronger at holding the position (for him to capture for the photo) 😉

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      What a great goal: planks! Do you participate in the #plankaday challenge? Where you do a plank each day and try to hold it as long as you can? That is a great group to keep you accountable for your plank goal! :)


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