Handstand Friday!

Happy handstand Friday! This is the the day where I challenge myself, my children and YOU to attempt to do a handstand. Break out of your comfort zone and do something that you are not sure you can do.

My goal for 2013 is to do and photography myself (and my children) doing a handstand each Friday. My fitness goal for doing all these handstands is to be able to do a handstand push-up and a one handed handstand by the end of the year. I am making progress… but I still have a lot of work to do.

handstand friday 3/8 via @runningrachelhandstand friday 3/8 via @runningrachel

The photo on the left is my attempt at a one handed handstand. In the photo it looks totally awesome. I had my oldest son take a video of me doing a one handed round off. While in the air I tried to keep my legs as straight as possible while holding the handstand position as long as I could before rounding off.

My intention for this exercise was to see if I would be able to hold my body weight up with only one hand/arm. It was a success. Knowing that I did not buckle under my body weight, I am confident that I can begin training. I need to work on my core, flexibility and balance. All great things that handstands work!

I have really enjoyed the extra challenge of my handstand Friday posts. It is challenging me to think outside my fitness box and do workouts that I would not normally do. Stay tuned next week for a super fun handstand focused WOD I did earlier this week.

handstand friday 3/8 via @runningrachel

The other added bonus I love about my handstand Friday challenge… is seeing and encouraging my children to do something they are not very good at. All the while challenging them to keep practicing and they will see improvement.

Did you do your handstand today?
Are you seeing improvement on your handstand attempts?
What is one thing you have done this week that challenged you?



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