Handstand Friday

It is Friday and it is time for you to act like a kid and hang out upside down with me!  Each Friday in 2013 I have challenged myself (and YOU) to attempt and photograph yourself doing a handstand.  Don’t worry if you aren’t a professional handstander (is that even a word?).  Just get out there and challenge yourself.  Grow.  And most importantly have fun!

handstand friday via runningrachel

I have found that my handstand skills have been improving.  I am able to hold my handstand longer and tighter.  Although I still do not hold the position for long, I do notice improvement.  If you are curious what I look like when I do my handstands… and how I get out of my handstands… feel free to check out this quick impromptu video of me doing my handstands last week.

I am not a professional.  I am just a quirky, fun mama who loves to challenge herself to some good old fashion recess fun.  Handstands are fun.  I enjoy them.  My boys enjoy them.  My wrists do not like them.  But we are working on strengthening them.  It is a win-win.

handstand friday with kids runningrachelhandstand friday kid edition

I get the biggest kick when my children want to participate in handstand Friday!  My two younger boys were all about it this week.  My (recently turned) 5 year old was the photographer for my solo handstand attempts.  I am not a fan of the photo with my mum-tum flashing… but I love the candid shot of T checking me out upside down as I do my handstand. 

The point is to just have fun with it.  I encourage my boys to do donkey kicks to get their feet in the air and support their body weight on the arms.  Some attempts are awesome… other times they fall on their face.  As long as we stay positive and encourage the try and fun of handstands… we all come out happy.

How about you? Will you be joining us today for Handstand Friday?  Feel free to link up in the comments below, share on instagram (be sure to tag me @runningrachel) or on facebook/twitterI LOVE seeing YOUR handstands!!

What is one thing that made you laugh and smile this week?


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