My Embarrassing Gym Moment Through Pictures

Remember earlier today, where I shared my most embarrassing gym moment to date… thinking I was locked in the racquetball court at the gym?  What? You didn’t read that horrible, terrible, no good, very embarrassing story yet!?  Check out my hilarious yet #epicfail gym moment here.


Because I am a visual person (and didn’t want to record a video of me telling the story or reenact the whole story), I decided to go back to the gym and take pictures.  To tell the story through pictures.  Of course, you need to read the whole story first to appreciate the pictures.  Although the photos are pretty darn funny too.

I must say, I was the first to laugh at my silly mistake.  I am still laughing over it.  And if you are like my husband, you might claim to NOT know me or want to workout with me at our gym every again… after seeing what I am about to share.  Of course, he kids and jokes… sometimes laughter is the best medicine.  Laughing at myself is something that I am good at.

I am going to blame excessive blood to the brain after my handstand.  I am also going to blame the pain medicine making me loopy and not so smart with my decisions.

C sitting where man was

The above photo is my 7 year old son sitting and pretending to text on his pretend phone.  This is the exact spot where the man was sitting and texting furiously yesterday.  He was in plain sight to watch me to my handstands and the whole ordeal of me trying to figure out how to get out of the room.  I am sure he is still laughing over this crazy woman at the gym!

the latches at the racquetball court

Above is the hinge and door latch (to get out).  Yes, when looking at BOTH of the photos… it is easy to see which one is the hinge and which is the latch to get out.  However, because I am blaming the excessive blood flow (and pain meds) … my brain intuitively went to the left.  Because that is where door handles are on typical doors.  It made sense to me.  It even kind of looked like the latch that I knew was supposed to let me out.

If you look closely at the picture above too… you can see the space between the wall of glass and the door of glass… ample room for anyone to hear my please and yells for help.  (Even my son cold hear me when I was just talking to him when taking my photos for this post… not yelling like I was yesterday).

scenes from yesterday's #epicfail gym moment

The above photo is divided in thirds… in order of what the guy sitting near my court (texting away) and the group of women who walked by saw.

      1. I was fiddling with the

hinge (

      that I thought was the latch).


      2. Me yelling through the space between the glass, because no one could hear me so I had to yell loud.


      3. Me tapping on the glass to get the attention of anyone walking by (

even the man sitting on the steps).

Yes… I am laughing to myself STILL as I type.  When I went to the gym this morning to take these photos I was laughing to myself.  I must admit, even as I walked into the same court to take these photos… knowing my son was going to help me if I have a momentary laps of judgment on my exit plan… I was still nervous.  LOL

then that awkward moment when you realize you are laughing at yourself because you know this is true :P

Laughter is the best medicine.  I am learning to find the positive side of any situation.  If you can’t learn to laugh at yourself, call me up! I will laugh at/with you!  Yesterday and today totally proved that I am super silly.  I was totally smiling to myself like an idiot as I rehashed yesterday’s embarrassing epic fail gym moment.

How do you handle public embarrassment?  Do you laugh at yourself or hide?
Did you get a chuckle out of my embarrassing gym moment? I hope you did too!


  1. says

    I personally LOVE when I make a fool of myself in public! LOVE IT! Because I love laughing and as your little picture says, if you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re in trouble! There is honestly NOTHING that can embarrass me, I laugh at absolutely EVERYTHING! I am glad you can laugh at yourself too! I kinda wish I was there to watch your epic fail! LOL! 😉
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted..Throw a Touchdown Pass at the Grocery Store

    • says

      haha YES!! I am ALWAYS laughing at myself… and my children are teaching me to laugh all.the.time at everything! :) Life is much more fun when we laugh at ourselves… and our mistakes. :)

      Oh yes, don’t you worry… my husband even wishes he could have seen my gym moment. Wishing security camera somehow caught it and he could watch.

      Today at the gym I could have sworn the gym’s trainers were looking at me and trying to hide a chuckle. Perhaps I was laughing so hard the whole time I was there… they were looking at me. OR maybe they read my blog!? LOL

  2. says

    OH the hilarity!!! That is a total epic fail, and I thank you for the laugh! I am always good for laughing at myself, too. Not a gym fail, but this is where runner does not meet fashion:

    I was given a very nice watch from my favorite couple. One of those triple-digit-not-in-my-budget rose gold watches from Nordstrom. I opened it up and put it on thinking it’s a big watch, but totally love it. I looked at the little side button dealio (yes, I’m sure it has a name, but the thingy you pull out to adjust the time on the watch), on the button, it had MK. I thought, awww, how sweet of them to have my initials engraved on it.

    Ummm, or maybe the initials don’t stand for Melissa K, but maybe Michael Kors?!?! It’s been a couple of years now and EVERY time I’m out with my family or we spot anything MK, we start to crack up and someone points out that they have something that belongs to me. :)
    Melissa @ Melissa Running It recently posted..Three Things {I’m Thankful For} Thursday

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    lol omg this is hilarious! i just read the whole story! i definitely would have freaked out if i thought it was locked in there and then really gone nuts if people were walking by not helping!!! glad you are able to laugh about it… and glad you’re out! :)
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..Protein Powder Lovin’

    • says

      HAHA! Thanks Linz! At the moment I was all confused… but looking back now, I think I would have looked at the person in the court like a crazy person too! LOL

    • says

      LOL! Thanks. Seeing BOTH the latch and the hinge, it is obvious which one gets you out. But when you are zeroed in on the hinge THINKING it is the latch to gt out… well, why would you second guess another exit? LOL

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