Motivation Monday: #FindYourStrong

Happy Monday friends!  I pray that you and your family are staying warm and healthy.  I know that my family and friends back east (in the midwest) are getting pummeled with snow and cold.  I am super thankful for the mild California winters and abundant sunshine.  It is good for this Mama’s soul.

This week’s Motivation Monday is to encourage you to find your strong.  I was searching the web for some funny your ecards and came across this one below.  I should warn you – all this exercise is making me irresistible.

I should warn you – all this exercise is making me irresistible.


I chuckle because, for me, I find that when I am consistent with my training plan and workouts… I do feel irresistible.  I feel sexy.  I feel strong.  I notice my husband is a bit more attentive.  I embrace and find my strong when I workout often.  I encourage YOU to find your strong also!

My next half marathon is quickly approaching.  Three more weeks till the Shamrock Half in Sacramento.  I am excited.  I am determined.  I haven’t fully followed the training plan to reach my goal (2 hour half) … but I am confident I will set a PB (personal best).

I received a pair of Saucony Virrata’s to run in and review… and have quickly fallen in love with them.  I mean, they are fun, bright, very light and fast… and surprisingly comfortable.  I have enjoyed running a few short runs and one long run in them.  I will write up a solid review of what I think after a few more good runs in them.

My Training Plan Last Week:

Monday: 3.5 easy miles & a fun hike with a friend and her boys + plank & pushups *handstand*
Tuesday: 7 miles on bike + plank & pushups
Wednesday: active rest + plank & pushups
Thursday: easy 3 miles on treadmill + plank & pushups *handstand*
Friday: easy 4 miles on elliptical + plank & pushups *handstand video attempts*
Saturday: 13.65 awesome solo miles!

I am pretty excited to keep the momentum moving forward after my stellar run on Saturday. Besides my phone dying on my a mile from home… I rocked my run.

2013-02-21 15.57.262013-02-23 17.17.13

I love running with my phone (for safety reasons), however my poor iPhone’s battery is not able to handle running GPS apps, playing music and more for the duration of my long runs.  It has pushed me over to pursue finding and owning a GPS watch.  I made my decision… and purchased one.  I am super excited.  Now, I just wait for it to arrive at my door… just in time for my next long run this weekend!

My Training Plan THIS Week:

Monday: 4 easy miles + plank & pushups
Tuesday: cross train + plank & pushups
Wednesday: 8 mile speed work + plank & pushups
Thursday: 3 easy miles + plank & pushups
Friday: cross train + plank & pushups
Saturday: 10 (tempo) miles + plank & pushups

Like with everything in life, there is room for flexibility in my training plan.  I want to incorporate some strength classes… but also need to find time for faith and family.  Homeschooling and Bible study activities take up a bulk part of my day (the day where both ME and my children are motivated to do school).  Afternoon/early evening workouts and school lessons are not always the best time for us to find motivation.

Keep checking back here throughout the week because I am going to be hosting a giveaway for a pair of Oakley sunglasses as well as a few more fun fitness reviews to share!

What motivates you to workout?
Do you feel irresistible after a good workout?
How do you find your strong?


  1. Melanie Longacre says

    Seeing my progress motivates me to focus on fitness. I keep a journal of my times and distances so I can always look back and see how slow, or how little I was going just a few short weeks or months ago. When I have a rough run that doesn’t quite meet what I wanted I remind myself that a year ago I could barely walk a mile and now I can easily run that and more!

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