Trying to be a Triathlete

I love running.  I love swimming.  I love biking.  Yet, I have never brought those sporting loves together at one time.  Nor have I ever competed in a triathlon.  I tend to stick to one thing and try to give 100% 80% of my effort to that one sport.

I have many mega sporting goals on my fitness bucket list.  One of the fitness goals is to participate in and complete a triathlon.  I am not picky on the distance, but just to smoosh the three sports I enjoy into one competitive race called a triathlon.

Triathlons are exciting, inspiring and exhausting even if you're just a fan. Cheering on triathletes for their commitment and courage is a worthy thing.

I do not know why this sport intimidates me.  Perhaps it is the transition between the three sports.  Or knowing that I would have to give my all three times in three very different sports.

Either way.  I have found inspiration and the kick in the pants needed to make the leap to try to be a triathlete.

I have been reading Swim Bike Mom’s book, Triathlon For The Every Woman: Yes You Can Be a Triathlete. Yes. You.  Reading Meredith’s book and journey to the triathlon is inspiring, motivating, and an encouraging read.

She is a busy working mom who went from weightlifting athlete to couch potato to a successful triathlete.  She is not a skinny triathlete.  She is a fit mommy who wears a size 12 pants.  She is a woman who is inspirational in her journey because ANY woman can relate to her struggles to find time fitting in fitness and training.

Triathlon For Every Woman is a book that shares the journey of one woman… her journey to being a triathlete.  In her book she shares her candid history and journey.  She shares tips and tricks on what works for her.  Pretty much in a nutshell, she is pushing and encouraging YOU the reader to do a tri.  You too can try to do a tri.

This is a very easy read.  She writes in a conversational tone, so there is no scientific jargon or sports fitness talk.  It is simply a woman sharing her journey and encouraging the reader to step out of their comfort zone to do something larger than they dreamed possible.

“Fear is probably the thing that limits performance more than anything – the fear of not doing well, of what people will say.  You’ve got to acknowledge those fears, then release them.” – Mark Allen.

Reading this book has stirred something in me.  The athlete in me.  The competitor.  I decided to make the jump.  The leap into trying to being a triathlete.  My local gym offers coaching and training for specific events (tri, spartan, running, etc).  I decided to make the splurge and spend money on a coach.  My first coach since highschool.

Starting in March, I will join a group of other aspiring triathletes.  We will train twice a week for twelve weeks together.  Our coach, Sarah, will coach us on those two days.  She will challenge us.  She will critique our running, biking, swimming.  On the other days she will encourage us with a training plan (swimming and spin classes at our gym).  At the end of our training and coaching, we will race our first triathlon… together as a team… in June.

I am looking forward to the challenge of this new sport.  I am looking forward to the team/group dynamic training for an event gives.  I am looking forward to calling myself a triathlete.

Thank you, Meredith Atwood, for writing your book: Triathlon For The Every Woman.  It was just the kick in the pants I needed to feel encouraged, inspired and motivated to make the leap… to become a triathlete!

Disclosure: I received the book mentioned above for free.  All opinions and fitness bucket list desires and training are true.

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    Way to go Rachel! I recently decided to take on a triathlon and am training for one this coming summer. I’m looking forward to hearing how your coaching is going and hope you share some tips and tricks as you learn them. Good luck and happy for you!
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