Handstand Friday!

Happy Handstand Friday!  I have challenged myself (and my children – who decided not to play along this week) to do a handstand each Friday.  Each Friday I will photograph my handstand (either free standing or against a wall/object) and share with you!

handstand Friday with @RunningRachel

I had my oldest son, 7 years old who usually is doing handstands with me, take the photo of me yesterday afternoon/evening.  You can see his shadow at the bottom of the photo.  Little stinker wasn’t feeling cooperative to play along this week, but was more than willing to take a picture.

This is the third Friday of 2013.  Will you join me for handstand Friday?  To play along is simple.  Take a photo of you doing a handstand.  Then let me know by tagging me on facebook, twitter, or instagram that you are playing along!  Super easy and super fun!  We will have a strong upper body and core by the end of this crazy fun challenge!

When was the last time you did (or attempted) a handstand?


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    When I was a child, I was on the swim team and was pretty good. One day, for some reason, when I dove into the pool, I hit my head on the side of the pool and banged it pretty badly. Since then, I have been afraid to dive into the pool, unless I am already in the water {say, on a top step of a ladder or something}. Mental block.

    This is the same way I feel about handstands. Scare me to death. Nice work. I’m impressed b/c I’m scared to even attempt them. 😉


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