Handstand Friday!

Happy handstand Friday, friends!  I am typing up this post a few days in advance (yet scheduling it on time for your viewing pleasure).  Yesterday, Thursday, I had 3:4 wisdom teeth removed… so the thought of me hanging out upside down today causes me pain even thinking about it… before my surgery!

My personal challenge to myself for the year, 2013, is to do and take a photo of myself (and children if they cooperate) doing a handstand.  I have challenged YOU to play along too!  You can do a handstand supported by a friend, against a wall, against anything, or independently if you so choose.  There is no standard type of handstand you need to do… just one that challenges you and take a photo.  This is completely for fun.

handstand 1/25

I did my handstand post workout on Wednesday morning… in my baggy sweatpants.  I kicked up against the racquetball court wall at my gym.  My handsome 4 year old took the picture.  I decided to vary from my legs straight up type handstand… and do one of those spread eagle leg handstands.

Oh boy is THIS much more challenging!  Who knew!? Not me.

I would love for you to join me in my upside down quest for each of us to do a handstand each Friday… and take a picture documenting our handstand journey through 2013!  If you are thinking that a handstand is hard… it may be, but it does NOT mean that it is impossibleKeep trying!!

Please link up in the comments below, or share via twitter, instagram or facebook tagging me @RunningRachel .  I would LOVE to see you in your upside down glory while I am doped up on pain medicine slurping down liquid food with a swollen mouth.

Happy hand standing!! 

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      Haha! No worries, Jenn! You can always participate next week! :)

      I am hoping that I will be healed enough to hang upside down for a handstand – although at the moment even tying my shoes makes my face pulse and hurt (darn wisdom teeth extraction)

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      Hi! I started doing handstands a week post surgery. But that was also the week I “locked myself in the racquetball court” (Check out my most embarrassing moment at the gym post). I am not sure if it was the pain meds… or hanging out upside down in a boxed room that threw me off… but I was able to do a handstand the following week (for brief moments of upside down fun – against a wall). 😉


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