Help! I am Addicted… to SUGAR!!

Hi, my name is Rachel and I am addicted to SUGAR.  Yes, this might seem like a silly thing to be addicted to, but I struggle with my sugar consumption.  I buy it.  I eat it.  I hide it.  I lie about how much I eat of it.  I know it is bad for me, yet I keep consuming it.  My body craves it.  When I don’t have it, I get cranky.  Eating things with sugar in it make me happy.  I am addicted to sugar.

I have always loved sugar and sweets.  I remember coming home from school (think junior high school) and needing a sugar fix.  I would get a spoon and round up a tablespoon of raw sugar and eat it from the spoon.  *Gasp* Pure sugar into my bloodstream for an afternoon pick me up.  I was maybe 12 years old.

I buy sugar laden sweets for myself and then I hide it from my children and husband.  I rationalize that this is for them.  Yet rarely (if ever) share with them.  The only time I share with them my secret stash is when I am caught… or they have spotted the sugar goodness tucked in the back of the cupboard.

When I have gone with out my sugar snacks, I twitch.  Not necessarily physically… but more figuratively… thinking about and figuring out a way to get my next sugar fix.  Where can I drive to buy cookies?  What can I bake in my house to get my fix?  Addicted and always thinking about the next sugar high.

Unfortunately, my weight has suffered from this sugar addiction.  My weight has increased to a number that I haven’t seen in 2 years.  I am still physically fit (able to run and lift like normal).  However, I am positive my insides are not as healthy.

Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.

I am admitting this to you today, because I am wanting (and seeking) accountability on ditching the sugar high.  The sugar fix.  The addiction.  I need help.

I know the holidays are full of sugar laden sweets and treats.  With New Year’s right around the corner, and so many on the health and fitness band wagon… I decided to do my best to give up sugar and sweets.

This is going to be super hard!  And to be successful I needed to come clean and share my struggle with you.

I will not be sharing weight/scale photos (because I have been down that route and know that that isn’t motivating for me).  However, I would love feedback, accountability and motivation on this journey.

I want to eat healthy.  I desire to be healthy (inside and out).  I want to be sugar free.

Do you have any tips or suggestions on where I can start on this journey?

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    I identify with this post like no other!!! I am deathly addicted to sugar. It is like cocaine to me!! I know right away if I’ve had something with sugar in it b/c like you I twitch LOL I go crazy! I get mean and downright nasty to be around too b/c all I want is more, more, more!! I totally relate to this and I have to carefully monitor what I eat as if it was some peanut allergy. It will affect me almost immediately! Thanks for posting this. It’s always a great reminder to me that I need to be careful and I support you in your efforts to beat the sugar demon!!

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      Thank you Holly! {{hugs}} This sugar addiction is no joke. It isn’t looked at like other ‘addictions’ and I have been struggling with it for a while. I need to take action and really monitor my nutrition (like you said) and be diligent with this plan.

      How are YOU managing your sugar addiction? (any tips or tricks)?

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        I actually monitor my sugar intake like a crazy person! Basically I don’t eat anything with more than 4 grams of sugar per serving. If I do, I go crazy. The hunger returns, the cravings return. It’s like a bad dream! I have to be a detective about looking for it b/c it’s often hiding in places you wouldn’t ordinarily think. Like sausage or bacon. So I just don’t eat any of those things if they are laced with sugar. I check everything carefully. Even a lot of the “no sugar added” things still have sugar. Getting off of it for me was like detox. I should have been in full blown rehab! My poor children had to suffer through my cranky withdrawals. Still to this day if I get it in my system, I’ll know right away almost. then I have to spend the next few days suffering while it gets out of me. I just now consider myself allergic to sugar!
        Holly from 300 Pounds Down recently posted..I Love Coffee Giveaway!

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    Rachel, I so hear you! Sugar is my vice as well. I have participated in a couple of 30 day no sugar challenges in the past and they worked very well (until I relapsed…). For me, the secret is to just go cold turkey. Attempting to wean myself off sugar means that there’s still sugar in my bloodstream and brain! It really is a form of chemical addiction and we wouldn’t ask an alcoholic to cut back to just a drink or two a day..

    I will happily join you, but not until after the holidays! I don’t need any added pressure right now and I know exactly how to do it to make it work for me!
    Tamara recently posted..5 reasons to trade your glasses for contact lenses during exercise

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    Oh my gosh I totally get it. You are so brave to share your journey and struggle. I appreciate the honesty. I know all too well about loving sugar. Too much. Cupcakes, chocolate, sweet coffees, ice cream. Holy cow I could go on and on. I have heard that drinking more water can help, as well as finding a healthy, sweet substitute that doesn’t contain artificial sugars and additives. Personally for me I drink Shakeology, but maybe you could find something for you?

    Good luck on your journey! I know you can do it and I am rooting for you!
    Tiffany recently posted..How We Help Sandy Hook and Heal At The Same Time

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    Sugar addiction is very very real. I read somewhere that sugar is just as addicting as cocaine! It’s no joke. I find myself craving sugar a lot as well. I go through times where I want it so so badly and then times where it’s tolerable but in general, I definitely would say I eat mostly sweet things. There are days where I won’t eat a single savory thing in a day. Always sweet things. Not necessairly sugar but just SWEET things, that includes stevia, sugar alcohol. So it doesn’t even matter if it contains real sugar, it’s the fact that it’s sweet. I want to be able to eat normally too and use sweet treats as TREATS not most of my meals. You aren’t alone. Looking forward to reading about your progress and what works and doesn’t work for you on your journey to getting healthier.
    Kammie @ Sensual Appeal recently posted..Yogurt Wars: Comparing different yogurt brands (reviews VLOG) + some recent eats

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    Hey! So first, I totally understand. Not only am I where you are–but so is my father. He would NEVER accept or admit it, but I will. I am absolutely loving the book “It Starts with Food.” This is really put a new perspective on the addiction. As far as combatting it, I’ve always heard the KEY is 30 days. It takes 30 days of detox/restraint to get off the addiction and stop having the cravings. It’s definitely a worthwhile health step to take. Good gosh, we do so well everywhere else but the sugar is just so hard to overcome! I wish you the best of luck—hopefully my rambling helps you somehow or at least shows you that are not alone! xoxo
    Kacie Phillips recently posted..Gloriously Sore and Lacing Up

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    I understand your pain. I’m planning on hitting a sugar fast in Jan. Usually I can handle it, but lately it’s become a huge addiction and I know I can only stop it by going on a fast.

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      I think a fast is the way to go… but it is in EVERYTHING! What plan of action are you taking to start this new journey? (Just curious as I am at a loss as to where to start).

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    About a year ago, I was where you are now and knew I would have to do something or else my weight would keep going up. I noticed that the place I was consuming sugar the most was in my coffee/tea so that’s what I took out first. I totally saw a difference in a short amount of time. So then I just kept going from there and eliminated it slowly from my diet. It was hard, but once I got it under control I stopped craving it all together. In fact, now when I have something with sugar in it, I can’t believe how overly sweet it is. Stick with it and you will succeed! And it’s totally worth it!! You’re health will thank you for years and years!

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      Thank you for sharing! I think I know what I need to do… it is just doing it. I need to cut out the trigger items in my life… and not even purchase it. (soda, sweets, etc). This is going to be a long road… a hard journey. But it will be worth it. I am worth it. :)


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