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Our family recently moved to the big city of Sacramento.  We are not native to California nor the area (obviously) so we are unfamiliar with all the fun family activities to do in the area.  I always get shell shocked when I think of traveling to the bigger city like San Francisco or St. Louis, because I am clueless to even where to  begin to explore with my family.

I have recently found this company called Spotivate which is a website built by parents for parents. It provides you the opportunity to spend less time researching activities and more time with your family. You will have countless local activities at your disposal, with inside information on the best local outings.

I have been checking out Spotivate’s website for a few weeks now, and I am super exited to begin exploring the Bay Area’s limitless family activities!  Who knew big cities could be so educational and family friendly!? Not this country girl!

Spotivate is committed to making the lives of parent easier through technology.  Sweet! I love technology and I am very interested in something that can make parenting easier.

What can you do with spotivate?

Spotivate has many great features to make activity-planning fun, easy and informative.  Discover Local Activities – Browse a personalized list of family activities that have been compiled by local experts just for you.  Create an Idea List– See something you like? Add it to your list of “great ideas”. Whether you plan to do it this weekend or next month, Spotivate will remember it for you.  Check things off your family bucket list – Every time you do an activity from your idea list, feel the satisfaction of marking it “done”!  Earn Kudos-When you invite friends to join you on Spotivate and encourage them to follow you, you earn Kudos which you can cash in for perks like gift cards or donations to charity.

How To Join

Joining Spotivate is easy.  Simply visit Spotivate’s homepage and click on “sign up” located in the upper right hand corner of the page.  Then sign in using Facebook, or enter your email address to create an account.  Fill out your profile, and begin browsing, bookmarking, and discussing family events near you.

If you are curious about exploring the big city near you, or your current town, you should totally check out Spotivate!

This article is sponsored by Spotivate.

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