Preschool Letter of The Week Curriculum and Crafts

I have thoroughly enjoyed homeschooling my two younger boys their preschool lessons this year.  We have gone from not knowing most (honestly, it was almost ANY) their letters to identifying the letter and knowing their corresponding sound!

We are taking it very slow (almost too slow for the 4 year old and just right for the newly turned 3 year old).  We are focusing on a single letter each week.

Each week we make a craft with the letter we are learning.  Some weeks we can come up with creative and clever letters.  Other weeks we struggle with our creativity.

Here are a few of our letters from our letter wall (in our play room) that help encourage and remind the boys of their letter sounds.

play room classroom

letter a letter a
letter b letter c
letter d letter e
letter f letter h
letter i letter l
letter o letter p
letter q classroom

I am using a hodge podge of different resources to teach the little boys.  I am using zoo phonics, star fall, reading eggs, workbooks I picked up from CostCo, and of course Pinterest!

The biggest thing I have learned from committing to teaching the little boys, is to have fun with learning!  Learning takes time (for everyone involved).  Everyone learns at a different pace and in different ways.  That is okay.  That is how God made us.  It is what makes us unique.  Finding what clicks and how we learn is the exciting part of life!

What are some of your favorite pinterest finds for activities to do with young children?

I would even love to follow YOU on pinterest, share with me your username in the comments!

If you homeschool (or have experience with young preschool aged children) what are your favorite ways to teach children how to read?

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    Hi, Rachel! Just stumbled upon your blog…glad to run into another dedicated mom who loves, and believes, in homeschooling. Pinterest, without a doubt, is a great resource for finding all kinds of learning tools and resources. Just out of curiosity, what kind of faith-affirming products would mothers like you be interested in purchasing (or have purchased) this Christmas season? What products are moms looking for that help them teach, engage, anchor, and grow their children up in God’s Word?

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      Hi! Thanks for the thought provoking questions! I am a mom who likes SIMPLE activities. Regarding faith-affirming-based products we use the Awanas curriculum (they attend once a week) and we read from their children’s Bible for discussions and mini lessons.

      For Christmas we focus on the REASON for the season. Our Bible/faith based lessons are on the topic of Christ’s birth and God’s perfect plan leading up to the main event. I have used many different Advent books such as Truth in the Tinsel, books from our local Christian book store and from online resources.

      As a mom, I am always on the look out for Bible based activities, devotions and lessons that apply to my children in the world (place) they are currently. :)

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        Thanks so much for answering my questions, Rachel! The faith-based organization I work for, Oodles World, is all about anchoring God’s Word in the hearts of children and families. Our current product offering is made up of Bible-based matching card game sets, activity books, lullaby CDs, lullaby companion books, and one-of-a-kind water bottles (if you haven’t already, you can check them, out if you like, here at

        Furthermore, we’re wanting to continue developing faith-affirming products and resources that mothers, like yourself, need as your children progress through different stages and seasons of their lives. We desire to come alongside moms and help them, and empower them, to do what moms do best, especially when it comes to implanting God’s Word in their children’s everyday lives. Bible-based activities, devotions, and lessons are huge! That’s why we’re developing a completely new-to-the-Christian-market curriculum that utilizes Oodles World’s unique group of fun-loving characters (which are showcased in the Activity & Coloring Book that’s on sale right now) that confront all kinds of issues related to what our kids are dealing with on a regular basis. Definitely keep Oodles World in mind and keep an eye out for these great product additions to start premiering in the coming year or so! Thanks so much for your time and attention. I’m thankful for Christian mothers like you who are the taking serious and gravely important time to teach your kids the righteousness found in Christ! Blessings. :)


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