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Last week we focused on the letter ‘R’r’ for our weekly preschool lesson.  The little boys learned to identify the letter and its corresponding sound.  We did many craft projects to reinforce the letter to memory.  Here are some of the activities we did for this week’s letter of the week lesson plan for the letter R.

letter of the week letter R

Because the letter ‘R’ fell pretty close to Christmas, we were able to do many Christmas activities and crafts that centered around the letter also.  The boys loved and enjoyed making (and eating) their reindeer cookies.  It is super simple to make.

How to make Reindeer Cookies:  You get a nutter butter cookie and break the two pieces apart.  Use icing to ‘glue’ the pretzel (antlers) on top.  Close the cookie.  Use icing again to glue the M&M’s in place for the eyes and nose.  Then eat and enjoy!

reindeer cookiesreindeer cookies
reindeer cookiesreindeer cookies

As per tradition, we made this super simple reindeer craft from our body parts.  We trace our feet to make the reindeer head.  Then we trace our hands to make the reindeer antlers.  Glue pieces together and we have a cute little reindeer that is sized according to our feet and hands.

reindeer craft

This was a fun, craft-filled week in our homeschooling preschool adventure! The letter R provided lots of fun ideas to reinforce their phonics and letter recognition.  Check out previous week’s letter of the week craft ideas HERE.

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    How great that the letter R fell at Christmas time. The reindeer cookies are really cute. My son’s day care did something very similar this week, only their were reindeer cupcakes (they still used the M&Ms and pretzels). I’m sure with so many fun activities the boys won’t forget the letter R :-).
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